Saturday, 11 October 2014

SAJC Graduation Day 2014

Finally the official last day of school. Felt kind of surreal, but I am happy that I managed to write cards for some of my classmates and that they were happy too :-) I never found so much joy in writing cards for others!

We had a 4 hour sit down session in the Cultural Centre (oh my gosh it was insanely long) which comprised of videos, speeches and some mini cohort games. Seeing Mr. Peh (our class co-form teacher) acting as the "hungry economics kid" in class was thoroughly amusing - his obvious love for Aman, one of my classmates who loves to eat, is pretty cute :-) Not to mention seeing other departments take the time off to prepare hilarious themed skits for us! I was a little sad that the Arts department did not do as much, but I am sure it is because they are really busy marking our papers!

The mentors were really sweet in preparing these paper bags filled with goodies as an encouragement for the cohort :') Thank you!

When students were getting ready to receive prizes and during intermissions, we were entertained with quizzes relating to fairytales.

After the assembly, all J2 classes were scheduled to go to their homerooms to have a last mini civics lesson with our teachers. Too bad for my class, our homeroom was occupied by a J1 class and there were no other available classrooms :-( So we had to make do and sit on the floor outside Lecture Theatre 1 and 2. Haha, it makes for quiet a memorable experience I guess!

Miss Jiang and Mr Peh were really nice as to get our gifts! They were small gifts but it really made me happy :-) They had this really great idea to make it into a lucky draw so that it would be fair for everyone. There were keychains, files and other ornaments. I actually received a file, but Cheryl (my classmate) needed one and it just so happened that I wanted her green crocs keychain HAHA! I thought it was really cute :-) In the end, we were both happy with what we got!

Not to mention, Mr Peh got our whole class "Enkindle" - a student book project which comprises of stories written by SA students. Basically anyone can submit their stories about their CCAs or life in JC for it to be published :-) We were really really touched by his act.

Emily, another of my classmate, made us a cake! It was so delicious - rich, simple and chocolatey, hehe. Thanks, Emily :-)

Here are some photos from after our graduation day!

Thank you 13A06 for this unexpectedly lovely journey together. We may not be the closest class, heck we are really an assortment of people put together. However, I'm happy that we've managed to find a place where we feel more at home in SAJC :-) A lot of times during school I regret or wonder why I took this subject combi (H2 Lit, H2 Geog, H2 Econs & H1 Math), but then I immediately think about you guys. If I had chosen H2 Maths instead of Lit, I would have never had the opportunity of spending my J2 days with such a lovely bunch of cute kiddos :-) So I am glad that I hang on and I am glad that none of us got left behind.

Let's really work hard for the next 20+ days to make sure that our 2 years together are not wasted!

Haha, my bros in class - Eugene (left) considers me 0.5 of a boy!!! Haha, but whatever, I am still very thankful for them :-)

Some modelling shots with my foo man ^_^ Haha, I must say they are very classy-looking. Love this dude, I don't know what I'd do without him.

My CCB (C-Cup Buddy)

Esheen! Haha, you'll never meet a girl as sweet (and blur hehe) as her.

My mama Jingz! aka my cat mother :-) I love her hugs just as she loves to hug me ^_^

This boy tried to carry me to take a picture, HAHA! It's too embarrassing to do these kind of things in school, man. Haha, but my expressions are pretty funny :-)

Lastly, a picture with Eugene! Haha, I am thankful everything turned out alright, and that our friendship did not end over silly things I shall not mention. :-)