Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Model Foo

Monday, 30 March 2015

Best date (person) ♥♥

 It was one of those days where you had no clue what to do with your life - Chek and I could not decide on what to eat for dinner so we somehow ended up at EwF haha!

 These chicken sides are really the bomb!!! Yum yum~

 Tried the "Slider" for the first time: it's pretty salty but enjoyable! The cheese blends the flavours together really nicely.

 Warm Nutella Pie slice thing which is just heavenly - I was pretty full from my main but it was too good to let it go to waste >_< Now I know why everyone craves for this!

Our main goal of going to Town was to buy stuff at Centrepoint since many department stores were having a closing down sale. However, we did not buy anything from Metro / Marks & Spencer's :< Sad sad but a real great night nonetheless ^_^ yay!!!

Saturday, 28 March 2015

a p o c a l y p s e

DAY 11: Where Did All The Dairy Go?

Haha, okay this is just a joke - but Chek and I were pretty shock to see Cold Storage @ Centrepoint in this state! We walked around the supermarket and felt like we were in a zombie movie scene. Hence, we decided to take some pictures hehe!

Afterwards we walked around Centrepoint and realised that a lot of big chains (Metro, Cold Storage, Bata, Marks and Spencer etc) were "moving out"! Maybe the shopping mall is not doing too well.

Nonetheless, it was a pretty fun and spontaneous photoshoot with the Foo :> Thanks for the amusement!

Sunday, 22 March 2015


While we were waiting for the birthday girl to arrive! We were later than we planned to reach her house, but it seems like the Gunawan family's craziness helped make the timing of the surprise better haha! Finally convinced that Nicole's mum is not a scary lady ^_^

After leaving Nicole's house, we went to Party City in Holland Village to get Rebecca a cute balloon! This was my first time getting a balloon for someone's birthday :) Initially, Nicole told me she usually spends 1 hour selecting balloons for her friends - that's like crazily insane HAHA who spend that long choosing a balloon?? Thank goodness I rushed her and we managed to choose one we both liked within 10 minutes! Aw Yeah~

Afterwards, we bought the "Berry Berries" cake from the Siglap Flor Patisserie outlet since it was near Rebecca's home :-)

Their cheesecakes really look the b o m b, I must try them soon!


Erica showing off her m0ves - most enthusiastic dancer of the night goes to her hehe. Cutiepie @ http://phonesaxoperator.blogspot.sg/ <3

 How to get Ollie's attention to get a picture with him: say "Walk????" hehe, so cute :-)

Now for some photo spams!!! :-)

The "Shreya impression" (left) | The "SCGS Girl" (right)
The "I love my friends" (left) | The "awkward family portrait" (right)

Our attempts at "being angry at someone on the phone".

 Randomly, we started reading old letters we sent to Rebecca in the past hehe.
(Pearls protecting mr. whales, who is actually a dolphin, from Goon)

 We played charades - oh my gosh it was so funny and fun, I haven't laughed so much in so long!!

Yep! It was really a super duper awesome birthday party :-)