Sunday, 30 November 2014

Singapore Siloso Beach Resort Review

For my class’s Post A Level’s USS Trip, we were looking for a cheap budget hotel to stay in as well. I came across the best deal I could find: $279 for a 1-night stay at Siloso Beach Resort.

Siloso Beach Resort
51 Imbiah Walk

Phone Number:
6722 3310

 1. Walk/take the monorail to Beach Station

2. Head towards the Luge direction (shown in the picture above)

3. Keep walking till you see the Siloso Beach Resort sign (shown in the picture below)

 The exterior of the hotel is really beautiful: there is a waterfall, a long pool and many trees that make the place very picturesque.

If you’re the type who’s just looking for a room to stay in at Sentosa and will spend most of your time outside the hotel room, then Siloso Beach Resort is a good choice.

It is very near Beach Station (7 minute walk)

It is at the beach

The staff are very friendly & helpful

There is a garden rooftop with a nice view of the sea

This is an environmentally-friendly hotel

 This was the room 7 of us stayed in. It’s pretty small, but I was not expecting much anyway.

Okay, so now for the cons of the hotel:

X The floor was extremely dirty – it was sticky and had lots of dirt

X The air conditioner was wonky – we did not know how to work it and the AC started to increasing condensation rates in the room, which made the whole floor wet. This water mixed with the dirt on the ground too… Also, it made our clothes & wallets moist.

X The television screen is very small (about 15 inches) & the audio is too soft to be heard

X The bed sheets were slightly dirty with stains on them

Yeah, so you can pretty much tell we did not have a good stay here. This is probably one of the worst hotels I’ve ever been too, and I am quite hard to become dissatisfied with something.

However, as I have said before travellers, who are just looking for a cheap place to stay at Sentosa and who do not care about the mentioned problems, should find this accommodation bearable.

Just some random modeling shots of us, hehe! Really in love with my lens for pulling off such a good look :-)

Even though the hotel was crappy, the company was worth it!

Saturday, 29 November 2014

Universal Studios Singapore

It’s finally USS time with the class, with extra love from Christianne, Chek & Edric!

 Queen Aman and her brother *cough* tortured slave *cough*!

 Cheryl and her dyed hair!! She looks great :-)

 The churros warriors! (With fake Chek trying to fit in~)

 The Master Photobomber (Osmond) & his disciple (Edric)

 Spaghetti Space Chase is sooOoOOoOOOo scary!!! >_<

 What sucked was that the Battlestar Galactica roller coaster ride AND the Mummy ride was closed :-( And those are the best ones!!

 Hipster Christianne, hehe!

 The two best friends who felt a connection when they met!

 T H I R D – W H E E L I N G


 We ate at Mel's Drive-In! I had a really delicious fried chicken burger @ $11 and I thoroughly enjoyed it along with fries. I had a bite of the “Double Double” which is beef and I also really love it!! Overall, it was a good first experience there!

 With the Rockafellas!

Words cannot express how fun a day it has been with these wonderful people. I’ve been to USS a couple of times before and I know I wouldn't come back but it’s all good with this bunch. Thank guys :-)