Tuesday, 11 November 2014

In the midst of 'A's

((feeling like this dying bouquet of flowers))

So we’re in the 2nd week of ‘A’ Levels and things aren’t going too well? General Paper and Maths was not too bad but Literature P1 and Economics P1 was a killer :-(

Monday was not the best of days because:
1. Literature was tough
2. I walked out of school thinking my mum was not in the car park when she was
3. On my way to finding her, I stepped on dog poop

So, yeah not a good day. Also, cramming for Economics the next day was not easy.

However, I am glad that I kind of managed to get over those things quite quickly! So, I want to take this time to just try to give myself a little encouragement by thinking of some positive things :-)

a.    I like how small Singapore is – when it rains on your side, it feels homely that somewhere else, your friends or a random stranger is seeing the same rain

b.    I’m really grateful that I have Chek who is very patient and understanding. I’ve never met anyone who wraps their love around another person like he does

c.     I am thankful for this piece of biscuit and cheddar I am currently eating, hehe

d.    ‘A’s are ending in 10 days!!! So thank goodness for that

e.    God’s making sure my stomach does not make weird sounds during exams