Saturday, 29 November 2014

Universal Studios Singapore

It’s finally USS time with the class, with extra love from Christianne, Chek & Edric!

 Queen Aman and her brother *cough* tortured slave *cough*!

 Cheryl and her dyed hair!! She looks great :-)

 The churros warriors! (With fake Chek trying to fit in~)

 The Master Photobomber (Osmond) & his disciple (Edric)

 Spaghetti Space Chase is sooOoOOoOOOo scary!!! >_<

 What sucked was that the Battlestar Galactica roller coaster ride AND the Mummy ride was closed :-( And those are the best ones!!

 Hipster Christianne, hehe!

 The two best friends who felt a connection when they met!

 T H I R D – W H E E L I N G


 We ate at Mel's Drive-In! I had a really delicious fried chicken burger @ $11 and I thoroughly enjoyed it along with fries. I had a bite of the “Double Double” which is beef and I also really love it!! Overall, it was a good first experience there!

 With the Rockafellas!

Words cannot express how fun a day it has been with these wonderful people. I’ve been to USS a couple of times before and I know I wouldn't come back but it’s all good with this bunch. Thank guys :-)