Saturday, 25 July 2015


So the story behind this is that we went to Golden Mile Complex to have Thai food and somehow stumbled upon The Projector. I've been wanting to visit it after knowing that Ex Machina was screening there.

Love these moments where Chek and I just walk and explore and find hidden gems of all sorts :-)

Thursday, 23 July 2015

Mummy's 50th Birthday!

(Don't worry she isn't mad hahaha)

 We ate at Fix - a halal certified cafe!


31 Ah Hood Rd
HomeTeam NS-JOM Clubhouse

Opening Hours:
Mon - Fri
11AM - 10:30PM

 Naanwich (Naan // Sandwich)

Mummy enjoyed her kimchi beef naanwich ^_^

 3 cheese gratin penne dish, which caught my sister's eye on the menu haha!

Ended the meal with some delicious donuts with salted egg dip!!! I think this cafe is doing desserts right :-)

Simple little brunch with Mama Chin and Justine!

Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Nephew's 1st Month Celebrations!

 Delicious walnut cake from Bengawan Solo!

It's quite cute how "Happy First Month" reminds me of all those Instagram couple posts who celebrate their first month together!

~ Golden Girls ~

Hehe, these ladies have been friends since JC times! It really warms my heart seeing that they've stuck by one another after so so many years :-) I hope to have friends like these in the future - we can watch each other get married, have kids and grandchildren!

Saturday, 18 July 2015

Bishan Ang Mo Kio Park

 Our 1/2 years late date to GRUB, haha! We've always wanted to come and eat here but somehow never managed to. Their burgers seem small but are filling, even without fries as a side! Apparently, GRUB is well known for their churros but we were too full and decided not to stuff ourselves more >_< We'll be back for you, churros!! One thing to note would be that their selection of drinks are a little limited hoho! Nonetheless, it was really a good meal and there were some deep talks (which we have not had in a while).

 At a very stagnant pond in the middle of the park. How strange that on the other side of the bridge is another part of the same pond, yet the water flows there not here D; We even spotted a really big dead fish on this side of the pond :< It's eerie standing in the middle of a quiet, unmoving body of water where the end of it seem to disappear into darkness.

 Trying to lighten the mood with a picture, hehe!


 Guess this joke won't get old D; Chek mimicking the prawns I let go back into the prawning pond a week ago.

 Kids playing in the water 'park', hehe!

Looking forward to more dates like these :-)

Thursday, 16 July 2015


 IKEA and their showrooms feed my inner architecture feels HAHA! Going there always gets me excited to have my own home in the future, where I can decorate it the way I want :-) Guess I can start small first with my room at home AND my future hall room!!

 "Finding places to cry" - Pearly, 2k15

 This would be quite a depressing house to live in.
((no windows))


 Pearly and cups and talking to 'people'//

 BALI TIME - This was so beautiful, but where would I be able to have this in my house :<

Weew! Fun time eating almost non-stop and exploring IKEA @ Alexander :-) I was craving IKEA meatballs a few days back and they have been satisfied!!