Sunday, 5 July 2015

Chek's POP!

 Woke up at 6am just to see little Foo march HEHE, kidding~ It was totally worth waking up so early despite having only 4 hours of sleep!

 This is as scary as it gets! The view of large clouds and a black sky above the city skyline was terrifying >_<

 Is this Singapore??? Seems like an apocalypse D;

This is how we knew we were in for some big trouble. Sigh, Pearly and I had our costumes in our bags!! The entire time we were there, we were really worried our belongings would get drenched D;

 Trying to protect ourselves from the downpour while the NS men were chilling under shelter. Okay, eventually they did march in the rain but still hehe!


 Nawh, Papa Foo is smiling so big!! Super happy they braved through the rain to see little Foo ^_^

 Thanks for coming to see Chek :> #TeamPenus #Goals

 Never going to get used to Chek's humongous glasses!

The end of POP! Really glad I had the opportunity to witness this national event!! Pearly has been to 3 of such NS related parades HAHA. Super proud of you for completing BMT, Foo Foo! I hope that you get posted to a good place where you won't waste your brain away and make good memories <3