Monday, 30 November 2015

AFA 2015

Walked around the bay area (I call it this because it's not town and it's near marina bay haha) to kill time while waiting for Chris to come. Brought my DSLR out today to play and finally got some satisfying shots!! While contemplating to take it out from my bag to take ^this^ shot, I realised how heck care I was in the past. I

/ was more daring /
/ was less caring /

about what I wanted to do and about what others thought of me. This short reflection really kind of helped me regain a bit of that courage today heh.

Loving this feeling / re-beginning of going out to take photos and coming back to edit them :-)

Christmas!! This is a pretty cool piece - the description said that art like this doesn't always have to be commercial. The creator was inspired by the architecture of churched in Europe, and how the light shined through and reflected.

I was walking and I think something caught my eye from the corner. I looked up and saw a group of cosplayers trying to cramp themselves into this tiny pill-shaped lift. It was a really cute sight! I imagine they were trying to have a cool photoshoot with the uniquely designed lift.

Walked and walked and found myself at this rooftop garden at Marina Square - this place is so confusing to navigate around in. Anyway, I think this place would look really nice with the fairy lights on!! I came at a time too hot - my skin felt like it was burning under the sun haha.

AFA 2015 ??? Feels so long ago since I've been to this annual event haha. The excitement isn't as strong as it used to be but it was fun trying to guess what characters people were dressed up as I guess!

Sad me because the cat didn't hug me SOBS. 

^^ Things to do to get freebies (what Chris did hahaha)


Fact 1. Domo dislikes violence, drugs and alcohol.

Fact 2. Domo has 4 teeth on his upper and lower mouth.

Fact 3. ??? (I can't remember what the sign said)

^ Probably the highlight of the day because DOMO-KUN! Hahaha, I don't even know how I got into this character back in primary school such that people thought I really liked him. So they would buy me Domo stuff for my birthdays.

Nah, but it was a really good day from burning hotplates at Korean BBQ to being Chris's personal financial controller at AFA to trying to spend our coupon money but ending up buying crap food HAHA.

Saturday, 28 November 2015

O School Recital

Walked around Stadium station while waiting for Erica to come. The sun was slowly descending and it was overall really quiet and calming for a Friday evening haha.

(only mildly satisfied with these edits though hahaha)

The performances were really good!! This was my first O School recital but I thoroughly enjoyed it - the theme, transitions, concepts and quality :-)

At the end, it reminded me of what dance can do to people or what it can do in general. I think that's what I want to learn to do with dance from now on!

Friday, 27 November 2015

Time For Love

Heard from Lynette that triggerabbit wasn't having class :-( BUT then I decided to go back to STEP for Edmund's and Step's class instead!! Hadn't seem them in such a long time hehe. I didn't tell them I was coming so when I entered the studio, Edmund was like "Who is this????", and only when Edmund started teaching class did Step realise I was in the studio hahaha.

Edmund and Sean are so alike even in their different ways, it really made me smile throughout class. We did his continuation to "Time For Love" by Chris Brown.

(not my photo hehehe)

After that I continued on with Step's Street Jazz - her choreo was really nice!!! I think it's also because now I can appreciate this style more and have a greater interest in it :-) We danced to an old song, "Video Phone" hehe! Really happy I left class with moves I want to improve on!

On a side note, it was really nice seeing and catching up with Emma. She's really improved!!

After class Deo, Edmund and I just sat and talked about uni life and caught up on each other's lives. We didn't realise the time and just continued until Step suggested that we should go for supper (IN THE WEST INITIALLY OMG). Thankfully we decided on Upp Thomson or else I wouldn't know how to get back.

Got to know another recital mate better and also catch up with the rest. Super duper fun night, no ragrats hahaha! Probably why I woke up only at 12pm today!! Crazy but a good crazy :-)

Important note: this is time to make a positive change.

Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Somewhere in NTU

Asdfghjkllllll last paper tomorrow but I am already dying!! So I only have 2 papers but the urge to do everything else but study is so painfully strong. In awe of other students who haven't started exams/end next week?? I see their snapchats of them spending every day at The Hive.

My mind is too distracted to study that I am going to make a list about what I want to do after exams.

< In no particular order >

Pack my room and make it more tidy 
(I realise my mum never fails to tell me to "clean your room" & "throw out stuff" either annually or every few months. Soon I won't have anything left in the room??)

Go out and take photos!!!
The urge is real. I haven't taken out my cameras in a long time and I really just want to explore new places in Singapore and take pictures :-) I miss just sitting in front of my computer editing my pictures and listening to music.

Take more & a greater variety of dance classes
I want to diversify my dancing and try different styles :-) Excited for O School recital this Friday though!!

Get out of Singapore for the December holidays 
(Very excited to be going to Sabah with Papa Chin and Justine!! Nature holidays are the best)

Visit museums
A new museum opened up recently, and I also want to visit others with new exhibitions :-)

Go to flea markets
The strange desire to look at small objects and little trinkets.

Develop my film photos
I think there's a roll in my AE-1 camera from quite some time ago hahaha

Take control of my monthly expenditure
I downloaded this new app that helps me keep track of how much I spend each day. It's pretty fulfilling to diligently write down how much I spend day to day. I think I should take it a step further and set some limitations to my daily spendings.

Go on new nature trails in Singapore
I realise that I haven't been to/can't remember if I've been to some large nature places in SG!

Watch movies from my movie list
Managed to watch one movie from my movie list this week, so I guess it's a good start! The plan is to watch one (almost) everyday hahaha!

Catch up on my TV shows
YES!! That's all haha.

That's all I can think of for now but yes :<> 24 more hours till I can realise these! 

Sunday, 22 November 2015


Woke up earlier to make some breakfast for myself because it had been a while since I did that :-)

While cracking some eggs, I received the best morning gift?? Chek whatsapped me from his bunk in the jungle!!! How lucky, no wonder I was 'supposed' to wake up early hehe ^_^ He finished his mission early and his senior let him have his phone back for a while :-) One week down, two more to go! It was good to know (but actually quite funny) that he'd been fed pretty well due to some kind souls hahaha. It's so cool that he's climbed so many mountains so far - he's living my dream *__* But I wouldn't want to explore nature in his context haha.

Another 8 day outfield mission and he'll be done with training!! When I think about it, they don't really need 21 days.... #efficiencyproblems

Went back to studying for exams but got distracted and started on my 2016 journal decoration hahaha. I really like how it looks so far. Comparing to previous years, my notebooks are getting thinner and smaller and more minimalist haha. I think it's because I use my phone much more to organise my dates, so a diary for everything isn't necessary.

Took a nap from 5pm - 7.30pm oh my goodness haha, but if you're tired nothing can stop you. Whee, then I went for dance class at R! Everyone's worrying about the choreo made me anxious but I'm not as scared as I used to. I know that whatever piece Amsyar teaches us will be difficult for me, but more than that I feel excited and eager to learn. Call it a heck care attitude, but dance class (which was 2 hours + long haha) was super fun :-) Time to get my 13 class package HAHA!

Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Midweek Treat

No picture taken during the meet up, so this one from a while back will suffice :-)

Was supposed to meet up with these kids as well as Hui En and Esheen, but the two couldn't make it :-( Thankfully we're all in NTU so meeting up won't be too hard!

Initial meeting point was Extension because Hui En recommended the crab meat pasta from the Western stall there. HOWEVER, 179A had other plans for us to go to Jurong Point instead, hahaha. At least now we know why 179A is 179A.

We talked for almost three hours straight at this Taiwanese restaurant at Jurong Point. I miss them so much :'( The people I miss most from SA times. Time for another class gathering ^_^ Christmas party yoyo!!

What a wonderful way to spend the midweek ^_^ Out of all the trouble of going back to hall, their company was worth it!

Oh! I also visited Hall 17 (yes, Mar I remembered your hall number are you proud of me hehe) for the first time. I like how clean and big the rooms are :--) But I think I liked how Mar decorated it even more hahaha.

Afterwards I showed her to my room! Too much Za/Brushes sponsored stuff from D&D, so I gave her some products :-)

Looking forward to more of such good days~

Monday, 16 November 2015

“… And once the storm is over you won’t remember how you made it through, how you managed to survive. You won’t even be sure, in fact, whether the storm is really over. But one thing is certain. When you come out of the storm you won’t be the same person who walked in. That’s what this storm’s all about.”
― Haruki Murakami
I am a lost boy
from Neverland,
usually hanging out
with Peter Pan.

And when we're bored
we play in the woods,
always on the run
from Captain Hook.

- Ruth B

Sunday, 15 November 2015

Week 13

Met up with this grumpy old man for dinner and shopping in the West. Tried Lenas for the first time - the food is good, but the portions are so below expectations for its price :-(

Bought some good items (I would say) that I know I can use with whatever existing clothes I have now haha.

Poor beebs was feeling rather menopause-ish HAHA. BULLYING ME, HUH??



Though our group's performance rehearsals was pretty rushed, everything turned out real well! Best run even with some mistakes:

1. Zest forgot his lines during scene 2 HAHA. Caifeng said she could not stop laughing. Zest was stuck and trying very hard to find his line, when suddenly, "methods". So I worked with what we had and said the following lines HAHA! The funny thing was that the class didn't seem to notice this hiccup as they didn't mention it during our feedback session. So, yay!(?)

2. I could not walk properly with the heels I borrowed from Pearly. Furthermore, I almost walked out for scene 3 without shoes because I forgot to put them on. At that moment, I realized that I hadn't tried walking in those heels during rehearsals so GG??!! I kept stumbling on my way to the table in the middle of the stage, oh noooo.
At the last part of scene 3 I had to get up and walk towards the two Violets, and as that action drew near I knew the heels would get in the way. So I just took them off in my character and stomped my way through the last part HAHA! Improv at the best.


Good times with the entire bunch of CDP101 mates. I remember telling Chek that Uni is all about these kind of moments - enjoying the modules you want to take out of passion and interest + taking them with people who are just as or even more passionate about it


Always a good time with these people :-) I think I found a place in hall?? Haha, that's how they make me feel - at home and appreciated. For them and dance I want to give my all and more than I believe myself to be able to give.

Everything is about going through life with the right vibe; the right mindset. It started with the captains, but I want to keep the passion burning and maybe start a fire within someone. Does that even make sense, haha.

Little Foo flew off to the jungles, leaving me to continue book in life for the next 3 weeks. (He looks like a frog here HAHA)

Hopefully he's not worrying too much about me as he makes his way through trees and mud :O

No pictures from today, but I went for Amsyar's class after some time! I feel myself gaining more courage and confidence :') It's quite heartwarming - like a bubbling sensation within my tummy that grows slowly.

I watched the video that was recorded for today's class and I can see small changes and improvements in my dance steps, which I am happy for.

I pushed myself today and I didn't give up throughout the class (which I seriously thought I would).

From a text, "we got to keep on pushing... to improve and not get stuck at a certain point."

Thankful for such people who desire to see other improve, using their talents to help more than beyond themselves. Pretty cool, hopefully I can do that too haha.

Sunday, 8 November 2015

Happy Days

Last MJ Saturday class for the sem! Can't believe the sem is coming to and end so soon?? Like Harpeet said, "university life will fly by so get the fullest out of it"!

Today's class was really super fun, and I think the seniors' enthusiasm contributed to it :-) Hope us juniors can become like them soon ^_^ They are so incredibly talented yet humble.

Slowly getting to know more MJ people too, so I am happy for that! And I am sure we will bond more as we perform together ^_^ To future events!!

Eliz's 21st birthday surprise!!

N A U T I C A L   T H E M E

Hehe, she was so happily surprised that she cried, nawh~ Seeing her happy made me genuinely happy - such a warm, nice feeling inside. I haven't had so much fun and laughter in a long time, I don't know how many times I laughed till my stomach ached today. Thankful for the pigeons who joined hall dance and for them hall dance peeps. Hopefully more Bionic dancers can hang out in the future and we can become tight hehe ^_^

'Blessed' is the word of the day.
To the friends who share the same passion; are kind; make me laugh; reassure me that not everyone in the world has malicious intent (inserts media law content weew).

More happy days to come :-)

Saturday, 7 November 2015

Only thinking straight when I'm alone.

Thursday, 5 November 2015

Conflicts within myself for the past weeks have been building up. I want to be happy with who I am, what I am doing and how I treat people around me, but it just keeps getting harder. I find myself craving space/'me' time/something... I don't even know now.

Compromising on my own values is the worst dilemma that is always on my mind now. It's hard to be the best version of myself when other wants come in the way. Disgust and quoting another friend, "disenchanted", is how I feel. Furthermore, I am consciously allowing myself to sink into this cycle. It always happens, it is currently unfolding and repeating and I am getting more lost from myself.

Thoughts and actions are so different. 
Small talk and real talk are so different.

Priorities are hard to set.
Socialising gets tiring.

Staying at the 'surface level' is suffocating.
Realising that people are situational is saddening.

Wanting more than this superficial obligation is trying.
Trying to be me; unique and different me is tough.

I am so happy yet unhappy with this life.
I want a lot of things but I keep losing others.

It's tough to maintain relationships.
It's hard when you really want those relationships.

Effort comes from both sides.
When only one side remains standing, you just get so tired, but sad too.

I want more out of this. More out of myself.
Comparing is terrible but it happens everyday. Stop.
Let me be an individual of my own, I am not a copy of another.
I am selfish; this is my right but I must suppress. Or do i?