Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Somewhere in NTU

Asdfghjkllllll last paper tomorrow but I am already dying!! So I only have 2 papers but the urge to do everything else but study is so painfully strong. In awe of other students who haven't started exams/end next week?? I see their snapchats of them spending every day at The Hive.

My mind is too distracted to study that I am going to make a list about what I want to do after exams.

< In no particular order >

Pack my room and make it more tidy 
(I realise my mum never fails to tell me to "clean your room" & "throw out stuff" either annually or every few months. Soon I won't have anything left in the room??)

Go out and take photos!!!
The urge is real. I haven't taken out my cameras in a long time and I really just want to explore new places in Singapore and take pictures :-) I miss just sitting in front of my computer editing my pictures and listening to music.

Take more & a greater variety of dance classes
I want to diversify my dancing and try different styles :-) Excited for O School recital this Friday though!!

Get out of Singapore for the December holidays 
(Very excited to be going to Sabah with Papa Chin and Justine!! Nature holidays are the best)

Visit museums
A new museum opened up recently, and I also want to visit others with new exhibitions :-)

Go to flea markets
The strange desire to look at small objects and little trinkets.

Develop my film photos
I think there's a roll in my AE-1 camera from quite some time ago hahaha

Take control of my monthly expenditure
I downloaded this new app that helps me keep track of how much I spend each day. It's pretty fulfilling to diligently write down how much I spend day to day. I think I should take it a step further and set some limitations to my daily spendings.

Go on new nature trails in Singapore
I realise that I haven't been to/can't remember if I've been to some large nature places in SG!

Watch movies from my movie list
Managed to watch one movie from my movie list this week, so I guess it's a good start! The plan is to watch one (almost) everyday hahaha!

Catch up on my TV shows
YES!! That's all haha.

That's all I can think of for now but yes :<> 24 more hours till I can realise these!