Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Midweek Treat

No picture taken during the meet up, so this one from a while back will suffice :-)

Was supposed to meet up with these kids as well as Hui En and Esheen, but the two couldn't make it :-( Thankfully we're all in NTU so meeting up won't be too hard!

Initial meeting point was Extension because Hui En recommended the crab meat pasta from the Western stall there. HOWEVER, 179A had other plans for us to go to Jurong Point instead, hahaha. At least now we know why 179A is 179A.

We talked for almost three hours straight at this Taiwanese restaurant at Jurong Point. I miss them so much :'( The people I miss most from SA times. Time for another class gathering ^_^ Christmas party yoyo!!

What a wonderful way to spend the midweek ^_^ Out of all the trouble of going back to hall, their company was worth it!

Oh! I also visited Hall 17 (yes, Mar I remembered your hall number are you proud of me hehe) for the first time. I like how clean and big the rooms are :--) But I think I liked how Mar decorated it even more hahaha.

Afterwards I showed her to my room! Too much Za/Brushes sponsored stuff from D&D, so I gave her some products :-)

Looking forward to more of such good days~