Tuesday, 14 October 2014

'A' Level Study Break + Talkabout Bubble Tea

Study break is finally here, but it's actually just 19 more days till 'A's start... Though I am happy with my improvements in Prelims, I still feel worried because I know I tend to forget concepts and things I've memorised in a short span of time. I really really hope that I will be able to improve again for the final exams!

[13 Oct]

Saw these creepers on the school building and thought it would make a pretty picture! I guess it turned out nicely :-) Marianne, my classmate, thinks they look very scary but I think it's really cool how the vines manage to hold themselves up 4 storeys high!
 Marianne rode her penny board to school, so Osmond and I played around a bit hehe. I hope I get a nice deal for a penny board on Carousell soon!

Potong Pasir area yo yo yo

Talkabout Bubble Tea @ Bishan
Meet chookuerlla for a short dinner session - finally got my fill on the Korean kimchi beef rice bowl at S-11 @ Bishan! So so satisfied. To make the day better, we bought bubble tea at the most random shop called "Talkabout Bubble Tea". How will people know of the shop with this brand name? HAHA
But anyway, their portions are h u g e: One large cup is only $2??
Furthermore, their pearls are really quite yummy too! I am more of a milk tea bubble tea person, but their fruit flavoured blends are pretty darn good too :-)

505 Bishan Street 11

Price: $

Value: ☺☺☺

[14 Oct]

It was a super duper long morning with 3 one and a half hour lectures for Literature P1, P3 and Geography. So glad it was over and rushed off to meet Chek! For some reason I walked faster and actually started running at the sign of a drizzle - BEST DECISION OF MY LIFE. It started to pour just as I was about to reach the bus stop shelter. Thank my lucky stars! I think I should be recruited into the Runners in the Maze Runner because I got them skills, haha!