Thursday, 11 June 2015

Max Brenner Chocolate Bar @ Esplanade

Churros fondue @ Max Brenner Chocolate Bar! I haven't had churros in a while, and damn these are some good stuff! Sadly the white chocolate was not fully melted, hence there were chunks of white chocolate still inside the bowl. I feel that $20 for 8 pieces of churros is a teeny bit expensive! However, it was still a good tea break ^_^

 Brought mama chin up to the rooftop garden of Esplanade. I was pretty shocked that she had never been there despite her habit to explore places haha.

 Model chin aw yeah~

Other model - HAHAHA!

 Still learning how to shoot in raw!

Mama chin is doing the typical "SCGS girl on banner" pose.

 We had a mini photoshoot!