Friday, 26 June 2015

Sean's last class @ STEP

Yesterday night was Sean's last Hip Hop Open Class at STEP Studios (hopefully just for the time being).

Haha, it was super cute how at the beginning of class Sean said the choreo was a combination of all his favourite moves - it really was HAHA!

I was pretty shocked (not super taken a back but still) when Step started tearing after watching Sean perform! I always thought her to be a very strong individual, so it was really heartening and sad to see her get emotional just from watching Sean dance. I remember her saying, "haven't you seen Sean perform??" Like aww, Sean you the beast haha!

Class was super fun as usual! We danced to "U Remind Me" by Usher :-) I am pretty happy we managed to learn all eight 8s!!! I hope Sean felt the same way hehe - remembering how Step was super happy we managed to learn the entire choreo for one of her Street Jazz Open Classes ^_^

On a not too sad note, Edmund will be taking over Sean's Open Classes on Thursdays!! Really excited to learn from him :-) Though at the same time I know I will feel this deep seated sadness within, just hoping that Sean would be there (how I feel now). Ugh, it makes my chest feel heavy and my back ache (maybe because my back is really aching haha). Ack, this "not too sad note" turned pretty sad HAHA.

Okay, on to some nice photos!!! 
(my inner fan girl is super happy to have pictures with Sean weew)

Thanks for teaching us how to be cool/swag
but also
thanks for passing on some of your lameness to us hehe!

 Pearls looks funny here HAHA!

^ The Hon & The Chio ^

Cutie YsaBLEH hehehe ^_^

These past 7 months have been great :') I am so glad that Madeline introduced STEP Studios to me and somehow I decided to invite Pearly and Nicole to Sean's class. Funny how such seemingly insignificant actions can grow into lovely memories to keep forever ^_^