Monday, 22 June 2015

Sunday Morning

Dim Sum @ Upp Thomson Road on a lovely Sunday morning :-) Precious time on the weekend spent with the love.

1. Egg tart
2. Century egg porridge
3. Siew Mai

^^ The bomb ^^

The portions are actually smaller than other dim sum places but it was really filling! Other dishes like har gow and wan ton were not up to my expectation D;

Walked to Marymount MRT station - it helped subside our aching tummies too hehe.

It was really a bright and beautiful morning ^_^ I am so happy Chek can wake up earlier now (since my body clock jerks me awake at 8am everyday), and we can enjoy the start of the day together!

Surrounded by all his fans - NON-EXISTENT ONES! (oohh)

Hehe, cute ass boy decided to buy his parents a fan. We managed to find a good deal for a floor fan at $39.90, which includes a 3 year warranty!! Hehe, well actually it was more like I persuaded him to get the cheaper fan - but in my defence I felt it was just as good as the other $69.90 one!!