Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Horror At Hall 2!

Shiyi and Pearly being characters from The Ring. Crazily awesome 'cracked' make up!

I loved Jacob's outfit - the bloody stains were really cool :-) 

Behind-the-scenes make up time!

Pretty good Halloween make up for my first time HAHA! 

We didn't manage to win first place in the eating competition but these guys were great!!

Super fun time dressing up with them OMC peeps :-) Looking forward to more things with the team hehe ^_^

Sunday, 18 October 2015

Ahma's 89th birthday!

Ahma's 89th birthday celebrations! Family picture :-) Had a really great time with everyone hehe. Was happily surprised at how ahma actually asked me to bring my camera to take some "professional" pictures - that trust in me haha!

Recently she has been more active in asking us out for meals and spending time together. Not being pessimistic but of course I will worry... Not so long ago I still remember how I disliked her so much, but I am glad we're on much better terms now. Everyone's grow soft, but in a good way :')