Sunday, 26 April 2015

Hectic Week!

 A week of continual dancing is finally over!! We trained hard the rest is up to fate.

Super duper fun practice today :-) Lots of laughter, experimenting and memories made hehe!

Saturday, 25 April 2015

Chek's 20 Birthday!

So, the day started out by me pretending to go to Chek's house to pick him up alone. Haha, his shocked face was the best when he saw my mum's car coming up to the car park!! After my wonderfully adorable mother leaked out that we were in the Jalan Kayu area, I quickly made Chek wear an eye mask and listen to music - my attempt to cover up our location.

 Secret birthday surprise location: Seletar Country Club!

First stop --> Bowling alley :-) 

I was really shocked that it was so empty :-( Thinking back to when all the kids and families would be here on the weekends - sad sad.

After that we had lunch with mama chin and ahma before they left and we decided to explore the country club a bit!

The rest of the day there was spent on swimming :-) We practiced holding our breaths underwater hehe!

 This photo looks like a flash was used, eeks.

 Chooku whining, "JUUMAAAAL!" as I slowly walk and take pictures of him.

 Somehow, there was a bus in the middle of the ulu Seletar region that took us to Serangoon!! Beautoful pictures of this beautiful man.

The future has been set: Chek will continue to wear overly-patterned shirts even as an old man. cries.

Saturday, 18 April 2015

JAPAN 2015 DAY 11: Flying Home

At the Osaka airport! 

It's so cute how they made an airplane into a cute Japanese character ^_^

 Worst meal in Japan, and it's at the airport haha.

 After we landed in Tokyo - I like getting down from airplanes and having to take a bus to the terminals :-) It's always a scenic ride with large airplanes near you.

 So cool! I've never seen an airport have showers/beds for waiting passengers.

 Leaving Japan with beautiful skies.


 I can't believe Jia Ye actually came WITH A BANNER??? Biggest supporter awards goes to him!

I saw this person standing outside at the arrival hall with a huge banner, and I thought to myself, "what a nice person, taking so much time and effort to welcome his loved one back." THEN IT HIT IT... IT WAS JIA YE. Christabelle and the rest were pointing and laughing in his direction, and I finally realised that WE were the ones being welcomed back so flashily HAHA

Another embarrassing moment to add to the list.


Our famous Suzhou trio shot hehe!

Thanks for being beautiful, Japan!

Friday, 17 April 2015

JAPAN 2015 DAY 10: Ohatsu Tenjin & Round 1


I thought this was a very nice saying :-)

Chris and Chris

Food, food, and more food!! Japan department stores are amazing.

Took the long route back to our apartment to enjoy the cherry blossoms :-)

We also found a nearby park and decided to explore it.

What we bought back from our department store hunt!

- ROUND 1 -
This place is seriously super duper cool! You can play shooting, skating, football, basketball, archery, baseball, pool, bull riding and many more!! Really wish Singapore had something like this hehe.

A really awesome way to end off our last night in Japan!