Friday, 10 April 2015

JAPAN 2015 DAY 3: Ghibli Studio Museum & Shinjuku

 This is how we cool down our boiled water every morning, haha! Perks of cold weather ^_^

 Grabbing some breakfast at Family Mart - when we should be having something healthier/Japan-worthy !!

 We arrived at Mitaka station! Hehe, this cute totoro toy with directions to the Ghibli Museum inside the control room ^_^

 We were looking around for some sashimi and ended up at this quaint little shop. At that time, there were only two ladies cooking and serving us. It was really a cool sight seeing one of the ladies cook with large flames growing closer to her face!! I was super amazed and in awe hehe!

 We found this super small and beautiful playground in the neighbourhood as we were rushing to the museum!

I think one thing I really enjoyed about the trip was our random decisions to take different paths to our destinations. This allowed us to see more of the real Japan, rather than the popularised version! Sometimes walking around the neighbourhood made me feel like I was in one of those anime series!!

Hehe, this statue means so much more after watching Laputa! ^_^ Even though I've been to this museum before, it still felt just or even more magical :-) It makes me want to binge watch all the Ghibli films!!

 This totoro is scarily cute.

After our trip to the Ghibli Museum, we went back to Shinjuku to find dinner ^_^

 Oh my gosh, this was soooooo good!


 Finally had my first crepe in Japan :-) Surprisingly for someone who does not like strawberries, I really enjoyed the strawberry flavoured crepe :-)

 It was a pretty chill day but fulfilling nonetheless!