Saturday, 13 September 2014

: Reminder to self

A sudden thought just popped into my mind: Isn't it wonderful and beautiful to be able to say to one another, "If you ever let me down let's just trust that God's love is perfect and that because perfect love covers all sins, we won't have to break these relationships but try to grow in them?" I was just thinking about how imperfect I was, and how I'm terrible at handling my personal relationships with others. I get petty, angry, stupid and all kinds of things, and I was kind of crying out and being all EH WALAO WHY LIDDAT GOD WHY LIDDAT until I remembered that God gave us free will and it is in that struggle, in the trying to love others purely, in the striving, that we find the gold from the glitter. - cellardrawn (Julia)

September holidays is coming to an end, last stretch of Prelims is around the corner and 'A' Levels are approaching. I've made quite some posts in this one-week holiday and I've actually missed out some things! So I just wanted to write another entry (because I also found this quote by Julia, my OCIP mate, really inspiring + I am really utterly tired of studying everyday).

The coming of exams have been pretty stressful and I get quite frustrated when I feel angry with the people I care about. I feel like a leech just clinging onto these feelings of hatred and angst, but at the same time I can't seem to so easily let go of them. That's why what Julia said (typed) was really uplifting and hopeful. It just makes me see the beauty in life and how you do not just throw away broken things, you fix them.

We are not perfect and we should not blame ourselves for not being so. Instead, we must understand that life is a process, and we are in the midst of this ever flowing river. Instead of cursing yourself for not having control over this river/ being stuck in such a situation, learn to embrace it. We must learn to grow and adapt not just for survival sake, but to live a little. Only by doing so will we be able to "find the gold from the glitter." (hehe, I really love Julia's writing ^_^)

((8 September))

I can't remember why I was feeling down or mildly upset but I decided to go for the most random night cycling session, haha. I ended up cycling to Chek's house while my mind reasoned with itself that I should go and collect his daily savings (but I guess I also just wanted to see him hehe). It was really, and I mean really, enjoyable to cycle and listen to music :-) I think it might just become one of my new favourite pastimes.

That night I got to let out some issues I had been keeping to myself and I really felt better. I cannot thank him enough for being so kind and understanding :-)

((9 September))

Hehe, we decided to nicely celebrate our monthsary! After tuition we watched some Doctor Who before heading out for sushi at Balestier Plaza :-) I was really quite happy to have a bowl of salmon and avocado don in front of me! Chek was really happy with his salmon don too ^_^ It's kind of rare that we eat at such fanciful places so I am really thankful when we get to do so!

Chek was really sweet and bought me body soap from The Body Shop as a monthsary gift! They smell crazily good and I can't wait to use them more often :-) If I stay in a hostel in University, I'll bring them along hehe.

Hehe, well I guess that's all I got to say for now. :)