Thursday, 4 September 2014

Teachers' Day 2014

Always quite amazed at how the Student Council manages to come up with creative themes for Teachers' Day! Thank you J1s :-)

The day started out with our class picnic, which we really enjoyed. However, I do not think Mr Peh or Ms Jiang enjoyed it as much, haha :-(

#2014lostnfound was this year's theme, and the student councillors made use of social media to hype up the event, which I thought was rather innovative. Some Art Students created a CK twitter account and tweeted things he said. It was hilarious!

There was a song dedication booth while games were going on - teachers paired up with students to complete a series of "tissue paper" games. Some teachers are quite open and love the attention, haha...

Anyway, then we proceeded to the Culture Centre to watch the performances! I was really impressed with the filming of videos shown to us, but I expect no less from Saints Advocate. They are seriously a talented bunch of people who have a heart to help :-)

The performance's theme was revolved around "The Blessing In Our Stars".

I really enjoyed Jasmine's performance, because her voice is really nice :>

There was a group of Indian female students who were so pretty and danced so well!
Gerald, Riggs and some other boys were part of this dance group called "Last Minute Project" and their freestyles were quite good! Just a bunch of guys having fun haha. It was so hilarious when one of the guys used another's butt as a drum, haha!
There was also a duo performance - the girl is apparently from Project Superstar, so that was pretty cool :-)
Finally, I was blown away from the performance group "Moron 5". They were crazily talented! Funny, entertaining, skilful in their areas of music, too good!

Glad that I made the decision to come to school and celebrate such a fun day with my class, who brought amazing foods - one whole chicken, egg mayo sandwiches, chocolate popcorn, mooncake and cupcakes!

Love them so much!