Thursday, 18 September 2014

Post Prelims: Part ➀

Some SUTD promoters came to SAJC to give out these adorable survival kits to the J2s :-)

I really like the notebook that came along with it because the paper quality is pretty good. I am currently in the midst of making it my 2015 diary ^_^

After lunch with the class (did not take any photos meh but the pork ribs noodles at Potong Pasir was really really amazing!!), I used the computer for 4 hour straight haha! But I enjoyed it nonetheless - good alone time :-)

Then daddy picked me up and we went to pick Justine up from NTU for some dinner! He was not in the best of moods though, I really hate it when we get stuck in such situations.

I think the food would have tastes a million times better if not for his mood. However, I know I cannot blame him. I was not there in the past to evaluate the situation for myself, so I must make my own decisions as to what I feel is right. Really felt like I was analysing some Individual & Society Unseen Text sitting there listening to whatever daddy had to say.

All I know is that:
1. I must show more care and concern for those who love me and whom I love
2. Do not stay angry/frustrated with people for too long because it eventually will not matter so there is no reason for you to waste your energy in such a negative manner
3. Do not let your greed for fortune and material wealth control yourself from doing what is right
4. It is important for you to be happy, but it is also important to live a humble life so find happiness in the small things
5. Always show empathy because everybody's situations are different from yours

Here's to 6 weeks to 'A' Levels!