Sunday, 17 May 2015

TAIWAN 2015 DAY 7: Homey Hostel & Taipei Main Station

 We were supposed to go to Fulong Beach but we woke up late and did not really feel like travelling for 1 & 1/2 hours. Hehe, so we went to a shopping mall nearby for lunch! It seemed like a more atas food court but the food was really good :-)

Erica bought a custard bun - sooo good!

Our last cup of 50 Lan bubble tea in Taiwan~

Pearly bought this dark chocolate cake :-)

 I bought this lava cake - we should have put it in the oven and let the chocolate inside melt :(


 Pearl's art

 Also Pearl's art haha.

 Goon's panorama

 HAHA this ridiculous version of mafia - if you lose you have to undergo such terrible punishments!

 These girls doing their singing thang~

Dinner was also good! This is Rice Bowls & Cafe @ Taipei Main Station.