Monday, 11 May 2015


 Having some food in the morning before our flight! Really yumz kaya & butter toast hehe.

 Ying Yang! My favourite coffee drink ^_^

 Somehow all the gates I have to go through on holidays are always at the end ;_;

 Flight = movie time!

Watched "What We Do In The Shadows", and I really really enjoyed it :-) It was super funny and I highly recommend it!!

 Finally, we arrived in Taoyuan Airport!

 NOTE: If you come to Taiwan, just take the HSR (High Speed Rail) to your destination. It saves you A LOT of time!

 So, we took like an almost 3 hour bus ride to Taichung hahaha. At least we managed to get some rest and enjoy the scenery for a while.

 Arrived at our accommodation: Plaza Hotel!

 It was pretty late when we arrived, so we walked around the hotel area to find some dinner. <we were starving>

Thank goodness for Goon, who is a professional in asking strangers for help, HAHA! She asked this lady for nearby eateries, and in response she actually offered to walk us to a store! Thank you, kind lady :>

Dinner was alright I guess! Not the best but it was not bad :-) Haha, Goon was pretty disappointed though.

 A pretty polaroid Erica took of me :-) I really like it!

Just playing with Pearly's hair, HAHA! The wonders of long hair~ /gives jealous stare

 Models and a sotong, HAHAHA!

Erica's photo of us - which she says looks like an album cover, and I agree!

Album: Eyes on You (idek)
Artist: The Three Musketeers