Saturday, 16 May 2015

TAIWAN 2015 DAY 6: MOCA, VVG Something, ICE MONSTER, Eslite Bookstore

 We woke up later so there was no more free breakfast at the hostel. So, we decided to have some Macdonalds! I had this USA version burger (though Macs is already a USA brand). It tasted like teriyaki chicken in a bagel bun, but pretty good nonetheless!

Our itinerary for the day was mainly to visit the Museum of Contemporary Arts (MOCA) and then some places in the central Taipei city area.

Best decision during our planning was to go to MOCA, I really really enjoyed it!

Please enjoy the following photos~

After that, we went to find VVG Something! Some hidden away shop haha. The area had other really cool cafes and shops too! This place felt like the Haji Lane of Singapore.

Just a 5 minute walk down from the hipster lane is ICE MONSTER! Ahh, just as good as I remembered it :-) The queue was extremely long and we almost did not want to line up for the desserts. Thank goodness we did! The queue moved along pretty quickly and soon we were able to enjoy our desserts :-)

 Goon is a happy kid with her ice dessert.

We went to Eslite Bookstore and spent a good 2 hours plus there browsing the books and stationery haha!

Goon saw this restaurant right outside the stationery section and we decided to eat there since it was the closest food place to us.

Good choice!

 Love egg tofu and it was so good with rice!

The pork slices were really good too!


Overall, the meal was super good!! We only spent on average SGD14 per person and we ate well :-)

The items I bought from the bookstore :-) Main goal to buy stickers in Taiwan has been reached!