Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Lalang Fields @ Punggol Watrefront Promenade

Decided to bring my camera out for some fun just a day before shooting - and I picked the famous lalang fields at Punggol! I've never been there, and wanted to check it out :-) Too bad it started raining + light was not fantastic due to the dark clouds :< IT ONLY POURED IN PUNGGOL - WHY??!

I saw a man-made trail amongst an endless row of tall grass, next to the bicycle path along Punggol Waterfront Promenade. The tall lalangs caught my eye and I just knew behind those bushes would be a place to shoot! It was also not too close to the lighting and thunders >_<

 I guess it's pretty cool to shoot in different weather conditions! Gives a whole new feel to the pictures :-)

 Wonderful models, sigh. HAHA!

 (Normally I cringe at my sister & her boyfriend's PDA, but I let this one slide..)

Genuine smiles are the best ^_^

 We saw some stray(?) puppies here!! We were afraid their mother would come out and attack us haha!

Thanks for helping out, guys! I feel like I missed out more potential areas, which I hope to revisit soon!! Got to find some new models hehe ^_^ Nonetheless, it was a very thrilling and fun photo shoot as we raced against time & thunderstorm to complete our mission.