Thursday, 14 May 2015

TAIWAN 2015 DAY 4: Taichung HSR, Homey Hostel, Raohe Night Market

 One of the things I miss about Taichung's Plaza Hotel. I want to wake up to good & warm milk tea in the morning here back in Singapore!!! >_<

 We took a train to Taichung High Speed Rail Station! It's really pretty and modern compared to the other stations in Taichung we have been to.

 I really like the design of the place! Everything is so cute. The whole station revolves around cardboard (I don't know why), so some stores are designed with cardboard boxes too!

 A cardboard unicorn oh my glob.

Nicole introduced us to Yamazaki, a bread shop chain! Their breads are really good!! It is also cheaper in Taiwan than in Singapore. I'm going to hunt it down in Singapore hehe!

My favourite would probably have to be the chocolate donut - to die for!!! I have not had a donut in a while, but it's still super delicious.

Also, that thick honey toast was the closest I came to a coffin bread in Taiwan :-(

 Whaley and me ^>^ Off to Taipei!!

 A beautiful plane spotted in the distance from the train track area.

 Only an hour away and some walking from Taipei Main station and we arrived at our new accommodation: Homey Hostel!

 The view is meh but I really liked our room :-)

 Bunk beds! With nice mini shelves for books/electronics.

 Cute little lockers for easier storage.

 The corridor outside our room. The bathrooms and shower rooms are down the hall.

 Thank you pretty lady for taking such a nice picture of us :-)

Homey Hostels owns floor 7 and 8 of this mixed use development building. The one things that kind of shocked me was that the bathrooms and shower rooms were shared by men and women!!

This was my first dorm experience :-) It was pretty nice ^_^ Awaiting for NTU Hall life!!

 雞排!!! Really good. We made our way to Raohe Night Market :-)

 The famous and delicious pork bun, that is still here since the last time I came!!

 Chicken meat wrapped in chicken skin - so good!

 Lemon Lime juice ^___^ Give me more~
(Sorry for the bad photo, Goon)


 Nicole wanted to try aiyu jelly - the lime juice is pretty sour but it's a good combination with the tasteless jelly!


 50 Lan :-) Sigh, good bubble tea.

 "Welcome to my dorm room"

Hello, neighbour~ HAHA, bunk beds are fun :-)