Tuesday, 12 May 2015

TAIWAN 2015 DAY 2: Sun Moon Lake, Yizhong Night Market

 First breakfast @ Plaza Hotel

Whee, I really like this shot!!

 We walked to Gangcheng Bus Station to take a bus to Sun Moon Lake! It's about a 10 minute walk from Plaza Hotel.

 Some interesting sights we saw on our 2 hour long bus ride to Sun Moon Lake.

 Mountains - beautiful nature :-)

 Once we got off the bus, we were immediately approached by a ferry tour company. He explained to us that it would be impossible to explore Sun Moon Lake by foot, which we realised afterwards. So, we got tickets from him and went to the ferry terminal for our day trip!

It's pretty worth the SGD8 we paid - you get ferried from each island to the next at different timings that suit your pace. Plus, the staff on board make pretty funny jokes, hehe.

 Yoyo, hip hop Goon ready to explore Sun Moon Lake!

 Seeing a One Piece flag on another boat was extremely adorable!!!! :') Apparently, Erica saw (on the 2nd last day of our trip) someone wearing a One Piece Run shirt! Like oh my gosh???? Why can't Singapore have that, at least I would run more haha.

 Young gals exploring the world.

 Our first stop! Forgot what the island was called haha.

 "西瓜甜不甜?" - Tour guide who helped us take a picture :-)

And so, the selfies have begun! Did not know Goon was such a selfie person hehe.

 L A K E

 Once we passed through this barrier, our trail up the mountain had begun. We did not know what we were up for, HAHA.

 HAHA, it's pretty funny how every time Goon sees an incline, she'll groan and pout.

 Keeping calm | staying happy

 Young explorers!

 Cat Lady Erica & Vlogger Pearls

 Ensuring the baby doesn't wander off into the woods HAHAHA!

 This photo makes me feel like we went to Indonesia or something, haha.

 *_* Model material *_*


 Celebrating with really cheap and delicious ice cream :-)

 The view was worth the climb!

 Living under this cute short tree.

 Now for the climb back down, haha.

 Look at these huge and adorable clover leaves!!! :3

 A butterfly wing :O

 Our boat approaching the port. This is a pretty cool selfie :-)

 On our way to the next island!

 Pork bunz; yumz.

 Lunch! Tried pork ears for the first time and damn it's good!

Some souvenir shopping along the way~

 Historic moment: when Pearly dropped our hotel key through the cracks on the wooden plank bridge HAHAHA!

It was really funny, and something worth remembering! You could see the key floating on the water through the cracks HAHA!

Thank goodness we had another key. ALSO, thank goodness the staff at the desk were nice enough to let us go. He said one key costs $100 LOL. But come to think of it, did he mean TWD100? Because that would be SGD4 O_o

Glad Goon made us take lots of selfies, because now we have many pictures together :-)

 Me enjoying the flowers, hehe.

 HAHAHAHA. I normally don't take/post slanted pictures but I think it's justified here. Creeper Pearls smelling some flowers.

Every moment is a model moment for Goon.
/swooshes hair

 We got some Starbucks while waiting for the next bus back to Taichung. Pearly, Goon and I shared this special flavoured one - which has pudding at the bottom. It was pretty nice! I liked the chocolate part best.

 Erica bought a vanilla flavoured drink - yummy~ I still prefer Coffee Bean's vanilla drink though hehe!

 Weird weird signs HAHAHA

Who did it best? ;-)

 W I N N E R

Winking is hard, hoho!

 We left as the sun set :-)

 Thanks (again) to Goon's asking skills, we managed to get off at the right bus stop to get to Yizhong Night Market.

Erica reconnecting with her MUN days hehe.

 BUBBLE TEA, which was recommended on the tourist guide made provided at our hotel.

The verdict: it's damn freaking good (pardon my language). Bubbles were a little too hard, comparing to the ones we had in Taipei. BUT, it's still super awesome. All milk tea in Taiwan is just better than average!

 Finally got to eat these delicious strawberries coated in sugar desserts ^_^ Though, these weren't that good.

 CORN DOG. This is the best corn dog I have ever eaten. Probably because it was made on the spot! The lady twirled some paste around a hot dog and then deep fried it. It was simply amazing :-) Not like the shipped in, microwaved corn dogs you get in Singapore :-(

 Some prata with cheese and egg, which enticed Goon! It was pretty good too :-)

 TAKOYAKI BALLS! I know, it's weird eating takoyaki in Taiwan. However, in our defence, this is really really good takoyaki. The taste is really flavourful!! If you ever see a blue and white signboard on top of a stall selling takoyaki, go and treat yourself. We saw the stall at Fengjia Night Market in Taichung & Raohe Night Market in Taipei too!

 Stinky Tofu! My love for this has been rekindled - I think this is even better than the stinky tofu I tried at Shilin Night Market 3 years ago.

Goon's newly bought shoes on her feet - it looks good! After walking around and eating, we ended up inside this soft toy store.

The night had a few distasteful moments of bad customer service, but the details shan't be explained because I don't really want to remember them, hehe!