Friday, 1 May 2015

Labour Day: Adventure Cove with Sunday Ultimate Crew

The queues at Adventure Cove were crazy! I did not even manage to sit all the rides because the queues were too long. Nonetheless, the company with me were superb :-) We had so much fun going on the rides with 0 queue time, HAHA! That's basically the river ride that brings us around the theme park. Still, we had so much fun :-)

Oh, oh! We also tried out this obstacle course with different stages. I managed to climb this rope and ring a bell at the top!! Proud moment for myself, haha. It's quite amusing how the developers can just put a string and bell in one place and *poof* it becomes an attraction.

After a tiring day with no rest at Adventure Cove, we dragged ourselves to Bugis and had a buffet dinner @ Seoul Garden.

We were welcomed with such a beautiful sky (above pictures) :-) Yeah, a pretty awesome day.