Friday, 15 May 2015

TAIWAN 2015 DAY 5: Jiufen, Shifen, Ximending

 Woke up like this ^ hahaha

Wearing the Osaka shirt Chek bought for me on his BKK trip ^_^

 Pearls helped braid my hair yay~

 DISCOVERY: Condensed milk + Nutella = heaven

 Breakfast is simple but good enough :-)

 We arrived in Jiufen!

 Crowded crowded!

 Selife with this lady who owns the store with awesome pork meat rice ^_^

 This was seriously super delicious! Pi dan with tofu ^>^

 Goon's beef noodles - super delicious too~

The meal cost more than our usual meals at night markets. Probably because it's a sit down restaurant + it's well known and in a commercialised area. Nonetheless, I still enjoy the food every time I come back :-)

Erica finally found her peanut ice cream wrap dessert! It's really good :-)

 *plays deep house music*

 Exploring parts of Jiufen I've never been to before!

 A huge teddy bear being dried in the sun. He looked like he was looking out of his apartment hehe.

 This tunnel was used as an inspiration for Spirited Away!! It really does resemble the tunnel in the movie :-)

Something I thought was really interesting was the graveyards I saw in Taiwan! Each grave is really big and elaborate. They resemble houses - I like this culture part of Taiwan :-)

 Silly poses on the stairs of Jiufen!

 It was way too hot and I wanted to have my glutinous dessert :-) I've never tried the chilled version!

 We took a train on the Pingxi Line from Ruifang station to Shifen! Oh my goodness, the train ride was long and we stood for the entire journey!

 This is a really pretty lantern :-)

In the end, we decided not to buy any lanterns because we thought we'd be contributing to air pollution haha. It was pretty nice just sitting down and admiring the lanterns that flew high up into the sky.

 Another of Goon's panoramic masterpieces!

 Pretty fire :-)

Photo shoot by the train tracks hahaha!

 The sad thing was always seeing the lanterns fall :-( Some did not even go high enough till they started to drop. Then you realise how much pollution this causes.

 An accidentally awesome (in my opinion) picture I took :-)

Credits: Goon

 We decided to get yet another cup of 50 Lan bubble tea on our way back to Homey Hostel hehehe!

 After a rest at the hostel, we headed out to Ximending - which is only a stop away from Taipei Main Station.

We were hungry and tired of choosing so we had pasta in the end.

These yoghurt drinks were good ^_^

 Some garlic bread from my pasta set.

Creamy pasta~ Even though we came to Taiwan to eat Taiwanese food, this meal was pretty good ^_^