Monday, 29 June 2015

Istana Woodneuk - Abanded House in Singapore

 Starting Point: Bishan

 Side Stop: Giant Supermarket
Goal: Buy a drink for this thirsty bij

 Update: Queues too long - mission abort!

We took the circle line to Farrer Road station! We both did not realise where on earth Farrer Road was till we got out onto the main road haha!

We waited for bus 179 and we were on our way!

 We found the hole! Haha, sounds pretty funny but yes you literally have to enter a random man made path/hole amongst a thick forest to find your way to Istana Woodneuk.

 Not even halfway to the house (don't worry the walking distance is short after you climb up a steep mini hill) and we saw people!! I don't think this house is really abandoned hehe. I think the cool thing was that just 4 minutes before this, we were in the typical Singapore - fast cars, safely paved roads and basically civilisation.

Once we stepped into that mysterious entrance, I felt like we were transported into a forest area that you'd probably find at Bukit Timah Reserve.

 Following my main man into unknown territory. Hehe, this cutie was being my recce the entire time we were there. Protector of princess chin and her booty!

 Found the main path - onto the house!

 And the soldier moves on.

 Quite funny how people come to the house and draw "scary" images on the walls. When Chek and I were walking to the abandoned house, this group of teen boys walked passed us. When they did, a few of them told us (while we were facing front still walking) "this place got ghost... be careful". Then their voices faded into little giggles till they were gone. Kids...

 Chek going on about his BMT, saying that the house and its surrounding greenery reminded him of his outfield time hehe.

 That upright figure covered with leaves and vines really intrigued us! It was a stunning view because the wind was blowing the grass and leaves.

 (Who wears a collard shirt and carries a nice man pouch to explore a jungle hahaha)

 This house is falling apart! - Walk The Moon

But seriously though, that room scared us a bit because there were chunks of concrete lying on the ground, and a pillar precariously leaning against one of the walls.

If you're intending to visit this place please be careful!

 We wanted to explore more of the house and its first level. However, recce Chek saw a hornet hive and told us to GTFO hahaha! Hornets win this round.

 Strange seeing a bible in the house - when I approached the book a gust of wind passed by, cools.


 The light was beautiful.

Foo Chek Siang. The one who is willing to trench through jungles and bear the intense heat to let me explore.

 Other people who came to do a photo shoot!

 Please, if you come here or even go anywhere, don't leave your trash behind. If you go to a place to explore and have fun, why not show your appreciation and respect the place - don't take anything, don't leave anything behind.

 {I don't know how you do it}
{How you bloom in the darkest of places}
{and help others bloom as well}
{You must be some kind of magic}
{because you help me too}
{when I thought I was good, strong enough}

 Little lalangs growing on the roof hehehe!

 Aye, say what, DJ Foo Fighter in the house!

 (I can dance too)

 When nature take over.

 So mature hahaha.

Still insisting on going first to make sure I don't fall into some pothole / trip on metal wires. <3

 An idea I had (kept in my phone) for a photography project:
How Man is so small & insignificant compared to Nature.

We really are, physically. What nature can do in seconds can be so scary sometimes - crush houses, take lives. On the other hand, nature inspires and surprises us like nothing else too.

We are truly so small compared to Nature.

 Another angle of the house - noticed by Chek :-) Love it! Though right after that he turned it into an army lesson - how troops will recce the area and stay hidden from spots like this HAHA.

 YAY! We made it to the fluffy leafy structure (that somewhat resembles a dick)!

 Loving the shadows and light rays produced. What's even better is that it is a quiet and peaceful place :-)

Manmade pebble walk way just outside the house.

All about the light.

 This way to ?

How my life feels right now - not sure if this path I'm embarking on is one I will regret. Everything is so unclear and very very terrifying. I guess I just got to go all the way and find out if it's really worth it. No turning back now till we reach a dead end.

We really did walk till we could not walk any further and turned back though haha!

Pretty lalangs basking in the afternoon sun!

 End of the road.

 Chek looks super scary here hahaha

Super fun exploration date with my main recruit :-) Thanks for always being so sporting and excited about the things that excite me too!

Information on how to get to Istana Woodneuk can be found in the link above! The guide also provides cautionary tips for your visit to the abandoned house.