Friday, 19 June 2015


 Had bunch @ Paddington House of Pancakes! This Oslo dish has super delicious smoked salmon and scrambled eggs ^_^ I keep forgetting that I do not particularly like their sweet pancake combination with salty foods.

 Tan sisters

 Pearls & Wati~

 Tried Pop Tarts for the first time!! Thankfully it did not taste like cardboard (I think I heard that somewhere).

TIP: Warm these babies up in the oven to make them taste 1000 x better!

 Point A

 Point B!


Billiard time!!! Slowly getting better :'-)

 Cute belt!

 Talented choir peeps!

 Modelz, teach me how to be beautz senpai~

After Sean's class! Super happy he choreographed to "So What" by Far East Movement :-) A little change from his usual style of R&B ^_^

Had a super fun fun time sweating it out and then just chilling with these 3 looking at pictures of actors/actresses we think are handsome/pretty, hahaha!