Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Human Nature (?)

"In harmony with Nature?" Restless fool,
Who with such heat dost preach what were to thee,
When true, the last impossibility--
To be like Nature strong, like Nature cool!

Know, man hath all which Nature hath, but more,
And in that more lie all his hopes of good.
Nature is cruel, man is sick of blood;
Nature is stubborn, man would fain adore;

Nature is fickle, man hath need of rest;
Nature forgives no debt, and fears no grave;
Man would be mild, and with safe conscience blest.

Man must begin, know this, where Nature ends;
Nature and man can never be fast friends.
Fool, if thou canst not pass her, rest her slave!

Matthew Arnold

Today has not been the best of days, heck it, the week has been terrible and we're only at the half mark. Thank goodness tomorrow is the last day and the start of the June Holidays (which is just a pretentious name for the strenuous mugging month ahead). Friendships turned sour today and everyone seems off from their usual self. Or maybe this is their true self? Sometimes I cannot stand the way some are treated so terribly just because of who they are, and how they act. I can understand if their behaviour is rude and even harmful to others, but in whatever case there is always a better way to let them know. Sometimes it is not their fault, but their innocent ignorance that guides them to act a certain way. If so, we should all take a step back and approach them maturely, letting them know our intentions and feelings towards their behaviours. Talking behind their backs is not the way to solve the matter. Neither is lashing out at them one too.

Another more personally matter was me being wrongly judged. Just because I don't want to do something, you do not have the right to turn it into a laughing matter for your own entertainment. Furthermore, do not drag others (people I care about) into the conversation because that is when I will get mad. How can you judge something you have no knowledge about?

Such a strange God we have, always placing events in our life together at the most precise time we need it. I was having a Literature consultation with my teacher about nature - human nature. How Man sometimes stray from the divine morals that are set by God, and instead follow their base impulses. When this happens, they are blinded by their sole emotions that cause them to commit regretful acts. Just like today, I've seen a lot of that, and also carried out such regretful actions. I know I need to be in more control of my emotions, be more rational and thoughtful towards others. I also hope that other will do the same, treating their peers with respect.

I know I too am not perfect and make mistakes. I have to learn to be more patient with people and not just push them away as and when I feel like it. However, I feel like I can learn from this - how to treat other people, I mean.

1. Think before you speak - once it is said, words can never be taken back.
2. Just because someone behaves differently from you, it does not give you the right to judge them/tease them/scold them for it.

3. Be kind to others even if they are not kind, because they too need to be understood and cared for.

Another learning point of the day is that when life gets you down, sometimes you just need to focus on the positive people/things in life. This way, their positivity will flow into your beat down soul and somehow find a way to life you up :-) Yeah, so that's what I am going to do! Can't let myself be surrounded by people who are consumed by hate and spread this negativity to everyone else. On a side note, I am really glad a had a long night chat with Chek :-) He listened to my bad day and it felt good to let everything out. It's true that he does not have the solution to all my problems, but sometimes a listening ear is all I need. Not to mention he always has a way of being weird and funny, making my day completely (well almost) better :-) Hehe!