Saturday, 3 May 2014

AJC Carnival 2014 ♪ ♫ ♩

First time seeing AJC filled with so many people, unlike the times when mummy and I picked Justine up from school late at night. However, it had a very welcoming atmosphere, which I enjoyed :-)

Chek and I bought an "Italian Soda", which he CARELESSLY (yet so cutely) paid $4 worth of coupons to his friend selling the drink. Not only that, Guanwei was selling the exact same thing for $2! N I C E

My wish came true because we (Erica, Chek and I) got to watch Pearly perform. I'm so proud of her :'-) I know she's happy she got to do what she loves! I always see myself in her, and her in me. There is always this strange, undying, unbreakable link between us (?) and I'm happy for it.

piggy tan + eric + chooku + juumal

AJ Dick, hehe