Saturday, 10 May 2014

TheEscapeArtist (T.E.A)

Juumal & Chooku Police Squad

Got invited to try out this cool game venue at 52A Prinsep Street! The Escape Artists offers various rooms with brain boggling puzzles to solve in order for participants to escape the locked room. We initially were supposed to complete this haunted-theme room, but I was too afraid and everyone accommodated for me. Hehe, sorry I'm such a burden :-( Thank you!!

I was really impressed by Chooku's puzzle solving skills [pro sia (; hehe] when none of us could figure about the patterns and clues in the room. Overall, I thought I was kind of useless because I felt that I did not contribute a lot. The only aspect in which I felt I helped was putting the puzzle together to find the combination to a lock, haha. Oh well, I had fun nonetheless :-) I know Chooku did because he was o engrossed in trying to solve all the puzzles! Truth be told I felt a little sad when he ignored my questions to him, but I believe I must show more understanding because boys can only focus on one thing at the time, haha!

On a side-note, Chooku now owns a pufferfish!!!

Vanessa bought him one and I think he is a d o r a b l e Just look at him
In agreement, Chooku and I named him Pingu :-) However, we did not know how much work it takes to take care of this small little guy. He doesn't eat normal fish pellets like other marine creature, but must instead consume live/frozen foods like bloodworms. Also, due to his delicate skin, we should only put smooth sand and gravel in its aquarium. Picky fella! Nonetheless, I hope he has a good life at Chooku's house. For today, he's in my care while Chooku is at tuition :-)