Friday, 23 May 2014

TGIF ❀✿❀

Slightly-ruined Panorama shot :-( But it's pretty nonetheless.

Cacti's New Home
YAY! So I just gave Cacti a new home ❂❂❂ But he has to live outside with the other plants and not in my room anymore :-( Well, I think it's better because he gets more sunlight hehe! He'll make new friends. I hope he will grow bigger and fatter :-)

On the other hand, my day was not going too well because I was sick / tired / stressed / emotional tensed. Probably because BT2s are coming up so soon and I know I am so unprepared. Furthermore, I really detest the feeling of having to be cooped up at home for an entire day, so that just made my tangled ball of emotions even worse. As for exams, I really need to make miracles this June Holidays! Time management is the key to my goal I guess, so I've got to stick to my motto - delayed gratification.

The day got better as I managed to meet my babes, Erica and Nicole, for dance at Recognize Studios :-) I always enjoy just talking to them. Erica always inspires me with new points of view (while prompting me to speak in better English - cough-), while Nicole always just brings laughter into my life. I've really seen Nicole mature, especially from today, and I am happy she can take care of herself better now. Though she's still a little chubby baby in my eyes!

Dance was... e x h a u s t i n g... Really upset and worried that my stamina has dropped by quite a bit. During practise just now, I almost fainted because we were repeatedly doing a move that required a lot of energy (and breaths). Looking around, the lights started to dim and I got scared. However, I pulled myself together and kept pushing, and pushing. Maybe it's because I was sick today, haha! Nonetheless, this is a sign that I've got to start strengthening my body and losing some weight. Yikes! Gained 2kg over the period I stopped dancing :-(

The Mystery of the Lost Cake

So in the morning, a chocolate cake arrived at our house. However, it was not anyone's birthday, haha! For the whole day nobody did anything about it because it seemed ridiculous to visit each house in the neighbourhood to find the cake's owner. When I arrived home from dance, I was reminded of the cake again. This time, I decided to hunt down the house, hehe. It really felt like I was a true detective solving a mystery :-) Cheap thrills but it really made my night! I googled the recipient's name and miraculously, details of her appeared. Seeing a "Jalan Novena.." address, I quickly rushed out of the house to look for the owner. After about 15 minutes of relying on Google Maps and wondering if I was at the right place, I indeed managed to find the rightful owner of the cake! :-) Relieved, I rushed back home to retrieve it and hand it back to the family. Be it altruism or not, I feel happy that I got to help send this baby cake back to its momma, hehe :-)