Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Shakespeare In The Park: The Merchant of Venice

This is the second Shakespeare In The Park that 13A06 has gone for together as a class. Hehe, seems like a nice tradition to keep (?) 
Anyway, this time we watched The Merchant of Venice, which I studied back in Secondary 2. It really seems like a long time ago and I almost could not remember the plot. However, after about half an hour into the play, I recalled the scenes and characters. This made understanding the play much easier, haha. I was really impressed with the set because I could really tell they put a lot of effort into it. Also, the opening scene was quite impactful to me! I really liked how they decided to integrate a more "modern-feel" to the play and established today's busy life. They did so in a rather abstract and interesting dance-movement where it was chaotic yet orderly at the same time.

Knowing that the play would be about 2.5 hours long, I really expected myself to feel dreary. To my surprise, however, I managed to sit through the entire performance almost paying full attention all the time. It must be because I was also recalling how the play went by listening closely to the speeches (because the Shakespearean language is just daunting and difficult to understand). Also, the second time coming across this play, I feel more empathy for the antagonist Shylock. I feel that he was thoroughly mistreated after having all he owned taken away from him.

I don't think I can judiciously judge on the quality of the performance because I have forgotten the play and how the characters are meant to be presented. Though so, I did have some good laughs at the characters' speeches and the ridiculousness of Portia and Nerissa's plot to "test" their husbands. Another rather unenjoyable factor would be the crowd's "sound-effects" that were made, probably because it came from Secondary school students. Nonetheless, I really enjoyed myself and do not regret going for the play because - good food, good company and a pleasurable performance.

A really interesting and eye-catching stage set.

It's a picnic, all right! SHEPHERD'S PIE | DOMINO'S PIZZA

This is a pretty cute shot :-) And my hair looks good #selfconfidence

Class photo shot + Sayhao