Wednesday, 14 May 2014

SAJC Rugby Finals ~ Play the game! Keep the flame burning brightly ever!

With the art kid, Fuyuan (who did not play due to an injury, but it's cool).
Gerald | Chooku | Juumal | Enqi

Just look at these two boys' ridiculous idea to paint their entire faces

Weird kiddo 1 and 2 selfie

The tribal king and his assistants ♀♂♀

Another shot where we all play with Fuyuan's 'hat' thing, hehe

Second SAJC Rugby match I've attended and each experience was wholly different. I remember how intense it was last year, being the first time I watched such a crucial rugby match! Cheering till my voice went hoarse, it was thrilling to watch our players swoop past their opponents and Fuyuan beautifully kicking the ball into the post. For today, the first half of the game was going well as SA managed to score 3-0. However, the later half of the match proved otherwise with the final score of ACS(I) winning 12-3. The crowd's mood changed as Team SA was constantly pushed back to the scoring line, and I felt it too. However, I am really happy for them because being 2nd is still awesome! I hope they aren't feeling to down about their loss because their fought a tough opponent, and they should be proof of how far they've come.

After the match, a massive groups of SAJC students ran to the field to show our players support. Soon after, we linked arms and sang our school hymn as One Family, Unbroken. It felt really, great. Being a part of the SA community where we are bonded by our friends, our achievements and even our sorrows. On a side note, I also felt that there was too much unnecessary and unplanned cheering.

Later on, my class with Chek and Gerald went to have dinner at Lot 1. My first time exploring the West in such detail, hehe! We had Pizza Hut, which I felt was pretty expensive :-( Overall, I had a really good time and a good laugh, especially when we started showing off the strange abilities of our bodies. One classmate could wriggle her ears, another fold his eyelashes into his eyes (what?). talented friends I have :-)

Lastly, we embarked on our long MRT ride from Choa Chu Kang to Novena. It was really pleasant though as we talked and talked and talked. One by one, each friend (Cheryl and Vinitha, then Gerald and finally Chek) left the train carriage.

Overall, it was a pretty amazing day :-) It was happy, and I am still happy. I hope I can maintain such feelings everyday through the hours of studying, when I don't have much opportunities for rest/family/Chek.