Sunday, 18 May 2014

SAJC Drama: Kuo Pao Kun's Kopitiam

Marianne (cat 1), Jingyi (cat 2), Aman, Yuyan, MR CK, Juumal, Rachel, Esheen!

Love Rachel's cute cat dress and Mar's adorable Mango dress ♥♥♥

Jingyi just being a supermodel, as usual. While, Esheen is in her cute skirt :-)
Mar and me = 

"Wealth can come and go. What is most important in a man is good character."

Kind of an impromptu decision with some of the A06 people to go for Drama! (Probably because Mr. CK asked us too, haha!) Nonetheless, I enjoyed the production. I like the issues the play brought up - filial piety, old vs. new, ambition vs. duty. I guess because it was very relatable, I found myself really listening and reflecting on the ideas they presented. What I agreed with the play was the notion that wealth does not last forever, so don't bet on it. Instead, we should pursue a life which pushes us to become better people for ourselves and others. Live to make others happy. However, though that seemed to be one of the morals of the play, there were some conflicts within in. Possibly, the many events that have occurred over the span of last year and this year have changed my perspective on life quite a bit. Now, I wish better for myself and try to enjoy life a bit.

So, overall I feel that life cannot merely be carried out in a way to support my own desires and relentless pursuits to crush others to obtain success. However, while knowing when and how to make myself be happy, there is a duty to do the same for others which I have responsibility of.

On a happier tone, Mr CK seemed pretty happy as he quickly got his "kopitiam towel" and placed it around his neck to take a selfie with us :-)

Proud of all the SAJC Drama people for putting a lot of effort into making the play enjoyable for us :-)