Saturday, 12 July 2014

SCGS Homecoming 2014

 ☆ 4DG '12 ☆


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Say what? 

 Christabelle being Christabelle

 Kindergarten buddies :-)

Sabrina & Diana! 

 Tiffany (aka kuku malu)!

 Tiffany, Akhwinder, Christabelle, Caitlin, Pearly!


 High fashion show

Sister Chin

Been really looking forward to this event for some time :-) Got to meet up with 4DG '12 for lunch in the canteen. So shocked that the school jacked up the canteen food prices so much, it is insane. Mee Pok was $5 and bottled drinks were $4??? I still had a bowl of Xia Mian (which was $3, dear me) and it was as spicy as ever, hehe! After that, the class walked around to see the stalls and meet people on the way. I had to rush off to see Kimmie's performance with Pearly so the class and I took a picture :-)

I went to see the performing arts concert which consisted of the Violin Ensemble, Handbells and the Choir. I felt that the Violin Ensemble played the Pirates of their Caribbean piece very well, I almost felt like I was listening to a live recording of the original soundtrack myself! The Handbell girls were adorable as expected, bobbing about and moving their bells so enthusiastically and rhythmically. Finally, the choir came on stage and I was very impressed :-) It's such a great sight to see my school girls partake in their interests. I almost teared when they sang one of their pieces (I seem to have forgotten its name D-:) and enjoyed it thoroughly! It was so cute having to sit with Pearly's grandmother (whom she calls Mama). I think she is super cool and hip because every time Pearly's mum asked me to have dinner with the family, her mama would tell her to let Pearly go out with her friends and not restrict her. Hehe, such a cute old granny :-)

After that, Pearly and I walked around and sat ourselves down in the courtyard to watch Red Cross and NCC perform. They were really cool, I am sure their seniors are proud of them :-) Following the performances, we continued walking around, looking for gifts and food. Time really flew by and it was already getting dark. I did not get to watch the alumni dance perform because we were queuing for food, but I got to talk to Pearly, so the trade-off is pretty good :-) I talked about my Literature book (Woman Warrior), we interviewed each other on "SCGS Life" and other random things, hehe.

Pearly had to go off earlier so Justine, Emelia and me sat down in the courtyard to watch the night performances. There was fashion shows and performances by past and present SC girls. Xin-rui and her sister performed two songs and it was just amazing, really talented (and beautiful) sister, hehe! Then we had a mini sing-a-long session (Dancing Queen, We Are The Champions, Jade & Gold) with whoever was still in school, haha. It was fun singing with Justine, even the school song which I have not sung in two years!

As usual, when the whole event ended, there was an announcement to help clear up the rubbish, haha! While helping to do so, Justine and I picked up this bag of Posh brownies (aka best brownies ever, and really expensive too). Really our luck ^_^

Thank you SCGS for a wonderful day or reminiscing and watching the new batches take the stage and shine brighter each year. I honestly felt that it was a good event and I hope for more to come :-)