Sunday, 6 July 2014

Semi-Post-BT2 Holiday ♫♡★✧

3 July (Thursday)

Not exactly "Post BT2s" yet because I am left with 2 papers - Economics Paper 2 and Literature Paper 3! That is a total of 7 essays more to go before I have two more break days. Life of an arts student~ However, I guess it has its pros because I am currently enjoying a minor 5 day break before the next papers! Of course I am revising but I get to rest so much more, and this is really helping the persistent headache which I have been experiencing the past few days.

So today, I went to the Central National Library (at Bugis) to study. It is probably the best studying place that I have found this year, but I am guessing it is only this empty because it is a weekday :-( Nonetheless, I had a very productive session - down to the last act of Othello and I completed 4 Economics essay outlines (which I felt pretty confident about. Oh and apparently I was sitting next to an SA student, only realising so when Chek told me he saw her using an SA writing pad. That boy is too observant. So yeah, Chek came to pick me up for dinner ^_^ We were walking around Bugis Junction seeing what there was to eat but I was really craving some Fish & Co. so we had that, yay! :-) In the end, we both decided that it was the best decision to do so. The staff were extremely friendly and attentive to our needs, but it is probably attributed to the fact that the restaurant was completely empty when we arrived. The best part was that they were not over-friendly being like eagles watching our every move, haha! After looking through the menu, we came across this special promotion in alignment with the World Cup 2014 called the "Soccer Fanatics Set" (as seen from the photos above). The seafood pan was delicious and utterly mouth watering! It really made me felt like this was a worthy meal, plus there was a huge jug of coke which came along with the set. Our pizza arrived later on and as seen in the picture, the pizza does look equally as delicious with its thick layer of cheese and prawn bits. However, the base was extremely spicy as it was smothered with Tabasco sauce. I took one bite in and I was dying from them on to finish that one piece. It was a pretty terrible experience, not mentioning that the pizza was not done justice as its base was pre-made, tough and biscuit-like (just the way Saizeriya does it, yuck༼ ಠಠ ༽). However, I still have to give the restaurant credit for their awesome A grade service, hehe! Furthermore, the seafood pan was really awesome (who does not love butter rice???).

Overall, it was a wonderful day because I managed to get work done and also spend time with my favourite person :-) Hehe, these are my favourite kind of days where I can work hard plus see my progress, and at the end of the day I get to reward myself with the company of a Chookurella  (ω)()

4 July (Friday)

It began as a lazy Friday morning as it rained, making me more sleepy than usual (probably also because I stayed up to watch Fantastic Mr. Fox, such an Indie film). Hence, I did not manage to run too (), hehe that's groggy me in the morning! I finally started on annotating and understanding Woman Warrior (thank goodness) and managed to read the first two chapters! They are the shortest but it is still a start, okay? Hehe, anyhow, it took me quite a while to read it and by the time I got really exhausted it was almost 3 so I laid down on my bed for a break. Soon enough, I was in deep sleep and rested for a good 2 hours :-) I woke up shocked and confused that it was almost 5pm, when Chek was to end his Math paper. I quickly showered and rushed out of the house to ensure I managed to get some sushi for him (because he was saying how he had sushi cravings and I wanted to reward him, hehe!) I was glad he was happy with the sushi, because I know he loves sushi so much haha! We bought some QQ rice too because I was feeling hungry. Since we both were pretty tired from exams and studying, we just stayed at home and watched some videos. Despite it being a simple activity, I really enjoyed his company and the fact that we can be so satisfied with one another :-) Afterwards we had dinner and watched the 2004 film, "National Treasure". It was pretty exciting, though the TV kept PMSing and turning itself of whenever it felt like doing so o(-`д´- ). The little bot was full so I had to help him eat his meal and gave into watching the Channel 5 movie :< Hmph, I might as well be the boyfriend, haha! Before we went off to the MRT, I spotted a moth in the house and took some pictures of it. Thank you moth (Blanche, hehehe) for being such a lovely model tonight :-) You were so big and beautiful.

On a side note, watching the Germany vs. France World Cup match tonight! Praying that Germany wins :-) Good luck boys!
Update: Final score 1-0
I was kind of hoping for a 2-1 but I guess not! Happy that Germany won, but the second half was not too interesting, oh well! Time to sleep~

5 July (Saturday)

Woke up late because of the soccer match yesterday, and still in need of sleep to make up for it. Anyway, some of the bbs (Erica, Rebecca and Pearly) and I met up today to watch a K-pop competition held at Square 2, which was organised by Recognize Studios! Chek and I were walking past the stage set up last week and I was surprised that they were holding a small event in the Novena neighbourhood, hehe. So, I made a date with the bbs to go watch the finals. I must say that I was more impressed with K-pop related dance today, haha. I usually have a bad impression that K-pop dance is kind of lame and everyone who attempts to do so looks unnatural because they are basically copying people's choreography. However, today's finalists showed quite some awesome enthusiasm and movements :-) Was a little sad that the 3 man group Rebecca and I thought/wanted to win first place only got second place :-( They were really good - their technique, their variation, their uniqueness. Instead, the only group in the competition which probably danced for 1/3 of their item won first place?? I will give them credit that they were funny and slightly charming, but I do not think they deserved it. However, while having dinner I was pondering on why this could have happened and a possible explanation dawned upon me. The 3 man team which I thought was really good consisted of more metrosexual men who weren't afraid to show off their moves and add a little female sexiness into their item. On the other hand, the winning group consisted of more manly-looking guys who mostly did popping and locking, but no overly-feminine movements. Understanding that the judges were critiquing the groups based on their "understanding of the demands of K-pop", it makes sense that the invited female Korean judge would have liked the winning group better. Nonetheless, I am glad for every one of the groups and that we had the opportunity to watch people dance :-)

Erica, Pearly and I went back to my house to chill and watch a movie. After deciding and rejecting "Her", "The Life of Walter Mitty" and "Mary Poppins", we finally picked "Treasure Planet". I never fully watched the movie, but I am glad we picked it today :-) It is a really feel good movie and it was fun watching it with my girls! Afterwards we started a totally random Photobooth camwhoring session (as seen from the photo dump above hahaha) and had a really good time laughing. Also, we managed to take some pretty "hipster" shots and we all love them haha! Finally after 1 and a half years (?) I managed to give them their long overdue cards, which I photoshopped their faces onto bikini bodies as a side gift, haha! ^_^ I hope they like it! It's been a wonderful day and now it's time to stat studying again aka back to reality :-O

6 July (Sunday)

Shopping Sunday! Went for my morning run and did some Pilates, it felt great to sweat and feel a little healthier hehe. However, following such an active morning was eating eating and more eating. Chek and I had lunch (my second lunch) at MarCo MarCo. He had "The Roma", which consisted of bacon, parmesan cheese, pecorino cheese, egg yolk, chives with spaghetti. I had "The Buenos Aires" which was a panini consisting of sliced beef, avocado, red onion, mayonnaise and chimichurri sauce. I really enjoyed both dishes (took some spaghetti from Chek hehe), though Chek's spaghetti lacked salt but we added some in and it was perfect! I absolutely adored my panini because of the avocado, red onion and mayonnaise! It's nice that from time to time Chek has a little more budget and we can indulge in different food places other than Burger King or Subway, hehe.

After that, we headed to Bugis Street in search of a sling-bag for me. We spent almost one and a half hours looking and looking but no avail. In the end I only managed to get my basics at Uniqlo, but I am really pleased with them! :-) After losing almost all hope, I suddenly remembered the Fourskin outlet at the top floor of Bugis Junction. There it was! The shop which gave me the bag which I now own, and which I am thoroughly pleased with :-) It's cool and cute and it is cerulean (learnt a knew word today, which is Mar's favourite colour), I really adore it hehe. More than it's looks, it shall serve a better purpose as I know have a bigger bag to carry around which will fit my necessary belongings.

Oh! Forgot to mention that we bought a Taiwan-originated Pork Vegetable Bun (猪肉白菜) which was amazingly delicious! Reminded me of my Taiwan trip after 'O' levels :-) Before leaving, we also bought one Peach Yakult with pearls from a bubble tea shop just outside of Bugis Street. I really liked it and was impressed by the quality of pearls, which usually disappoints apart from Gongcha and Koi. Chek did not really like it hehe.

We came back to the Chin crib to watch Casino Royale (had to give in to the little cutie because he was so patient with my today and followed me around hehe). Upon the summoning of Mama Chin, we ate our dinner, which to our surprise was to-be grilled beef. Chek and I (mostly Chek, hehehe) grilled mushrooms and beef. The beef smelled really good! I let Chef Foo take the wheel here since he has more experiences :-) Chek had fun and called it a random "two man BBQ", hehe! I was really happy when he said next time instead of going out to eat, he'd bring some food over so we would grill them ^_^ Can't wait for that! (and our future sleepovers)

Today was a good and I am happy with my loot, happy with the day being spent with my favourite person, and happy of course for the food I got to eat!!! This 5-day holiday is coming to and end :-( However, it's been such a fun 4 days so far :-) So glad I got to catch up with my bbs and exercise and eat! Jiayou for the last two papers! ✿✿✿