Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Birthday Celebrations

1. BBQ Lunch (27 July)

I wanted to celebrate my birthday with Justine so we had a mini pre birthday "party" with just the Chin fam + Chookurella :-) Mama Chin bought super high quality, mouthwatering beef and some sausages with leftover chicken! 
Everything tasted a-m-a-z-i-n-g ^_^ One of the more 'chill' BBQ sessions I have had, but enjoyed with the best company!

After that we all gathered around the television and watched Doctor Who! Introducing my favourite TV show to Chek and Justine, really glad they seemed to enjoy it :-) Turning everyone into a DW fan, hehehehe!

2. Pulau Ubin Surprise (28 July)

FOO CHEK SIANG - one of the best planners, haha. I had such a wonderful surprise on my birthday :') He just brought me along all the way to Tanah Merah MRT and I had no idea where we were heading to. We took a taxi to Changi Village and headed towards Changi Beach. Finally, we arrived at a jetty and he pointed to "Pulau Ubin" on a sign. It took me a few seconds to realise that on a Monday, a public holiday, when we had school the next day, this cutiepie brought us to Pulau Ubin! I was really happily surprised :') This was the first time I had been there as well, so I was super excited.

We decided to cycle around the island. It is crazy how there is a "local" price and an "ang mor" price where foreigners have to pay double that of normal bike renting fares :-( Anyway, we got our bikes ($10 to rent each) and started on our journey! Chek wanted to bring me to his island - Chek Jawa Wetlands - haha. The journey was tough and tiring but the reward of working our thighs climbing up hills was being able to ride down those hills at full speed, having the wind cool us down.
At the entrance to Chek Jawa Wetlands, we had to deposit our bikes outside this barred gate and walk in by foot. We walked through this very random house built in the middle of the island, which had an exhibition on the importance of the Chek Jawa Wetlands. It looks like a place in Europe, so we pretended we were tourists travelling to a whole new country. On the other side was a metal walkway that stretched into the ocean. We sat down and took a little break before heading to the Chek Jawa boardwalk :-) When we walked deeper into Chek Jawa, we walked pass a family throwing rocks at a tree. Listening to their conversation, I heard the child proclaim that if the authorities came to stop them, he would just throw rocks and sticks at them. What is worse is that his parents did not correct him, but even laughed at his suggestion. Chek started swearing and cursing because he was so upset with what the little boy said, haha. I have to agree with him that that was too inconsiderate, vile and just plain wrong.
Moving on, we met Clarence on the boardwalk! It is funny because Chek and I were joking about how it would not be a surprise if we met Triston at Pulau Ubin, haha. It was an amusing encounter because Clarence recognised us and the first thing he said was, "ninjaman?" while looking at Chek.

We went back to get our bikes and it was the first time I saw a wild boar! Other than the time Chek made me watch Ah Boys To Men which featured an animated boar, haha. It was really quite cool, but they showed up because of food in bags left at some bikes. People, being people, took out their phones and continuously took pictures of the rare sight. Some even stood very close to the wild boars to have their pictures taken. We quickly grabbed our bikes and left, and I hope none of those people were injured. We cycled to a high point with some magnificent view of a still lake and it made me feel so calm and happy :-)

3. School Celebrations (29 July)

Cute classmates prepared a cake for Marianne and me :-) Haha, just like last year! Chek tried to help carry out the surprise and it was quite obvious, hehe. Nonetheless, thankful for this bunch of cool kids and also the awesome presents! I got Adventure Time socks from Cheryl, a Chopper thumb drive and the most coolest rad-flower flat cap from Marianne ^_^

Later in the day, Mad and Chek surprised me with a chocolate cake! They're too sweet :') Actually, I saw the secret Jaime's birthday surprise Whatsapp group on Chek's phone. So, technically I ruined my own surprise :'( Furthermore, I saw Madeline and Chek trying to sneak up on me with the cake. It was really quite funny!
It was really a fun and simple birthday celebration!

4. Pearly's Gift (30 July)

Met up with Ms. Pearly to receive her present. Just look at it, it is too amazing! The level of art skills she possess is crazy, but I am so thankful for her ^_^ I need to step up my birthday gift game, hehe!

We sat down at Lorong Chuan MRT station and had a little conversation before I left. Looking at the selfies we took, I am quite shocked by our tan difference! (loving my tan, by the way)

Whee, it had really been such an eventful week having different groups of people celebrating my birthday :') Thank you God for placing these special kiddos in my life whom I can share my joy with.

Chek's gift finally arrived (5 August)
It's such a wonderful surprise :-)

love love love