Tuesday, 22 July 2014

JC2 13A06 Class Photoshoot



Happy kids :-)


Had our official class photo taking today! Very glad that everyone was in school to have our photos taken :-) Impressed with the class's efficiency in coming up with a concrete and successful plan for our "fun shot" within a day ^_^ Though other classes had the same idea as us, it was an extremely fun theme to do. The idea was us being superheros in disguise, hidden under our uniforms. I really liked how we all wore varying superhero shirts, which parallels to how our class is made up of very different personalities and 'characters'. Nonetheless, we have the 'power' to come together and make great things happen :-)

Oh! I was really impressed with the ideas of other J2 classes - Harry Potter Theme, Colour Gradient Theme, TFiOS, etc. Glad that everyone had fun ^_^

Also, quite amazed that the everyone in class (though we are a little small) managed to have a superhero shirt to wear, hehe!

It's small events like these which make studying bearable, not forgetting the time spent together mugging :-) More of those days to come! JIA YOU, 103 DAYS TO 'A's!!!