Thursday, 10 July 2014

H-Day I

Salmon sushi - Chookurella's favourite 

- Serenity -

He looked a little afraid but at the same time so cute all puffed up!

A sense of pride and confidence

Not an everyday sight to see

Small but detailed


Another puffed up bird :-)

Warmth glows in the distance


National Orchid Garden
The young and protected

I've always thought Orchids looked liked heads tilted in curiosity

Defined roots



Admiring the flowers

Wisps and blurred dreams

Another Orchid with an amusing face on it :-)

A little bird showering


I woke up early (as I had planned) and got ready to go to Botanical Gardens for a casual solo walk-and-photograph session. Just then, I heard thunder in the distance and in a minute it started pouring like crazy. My mood was ruined and I just lay in my bed not knowing what to do. I decided to watch the rest of Disney's 1973 Robin Hood and wait for Chek to finish his exams.

We bought Quiznos back for brunch and began our day watching the Germany vs. Brazil highlights. It is crazy how the score ended up to be 7-1 when Chek and I were guessing it would be about 2-0 and 2-1 respectively. Though I am super elated that GERMANY IS IN THE FINALS, I also feel really bad for Brazil. The match just had to show scenes of children crying and the players crying at Brazil's loss. That really got me. I hope they stay strong!

After that we proceeded to watch "Shaun of The Dead". Rotten Tomatoes gave it 91% ratings so I assumed it was a really, wonderful, awesome, crazily exciting zombie movie. However, it was really just okay! Maybe because Chek and I could not understand some of the British humour, but on the bright side we know what not to watch again now, haha!

We parted ways at Bishan MRT and I finally got to go to the Botanical Gardens! At first I thought I would probably walk to the Symphony Lake and head back. Low and behold, I walked through the entire Botanical Gardens, hahaha! Today is the first time I visited the Orchid Garden and I am really glad that I made that decision! I spent almost two hours inside there just walking, admiring, and photographing my surroundings :-) I feel that for a student, it is extremely worth it to pay $1 to be able to view such beautiful plants. I was really agitated by the lady who sold me my ticket though. I told her that my NRIC picture had peeled off from my ez-link and she gave me the most judgemental look in the entire universe like ( ͟ಠ) "are you for real? Do you expect me to believe that?" Anyway, once I got my ticket and entered, my negative feelings almost instantly disappeared because I was really enjoying myself :-) Inside, I saw this lady sitting down alone with a drawing block and a paint set. She just sat there for a very long time and painted the plants and flowers in front of her. I thought that was really cool because she had a passion for painting and she would actually go to places and just soak in the atmosphere and enjoy herself. That's what I am trying to do and become, someone who can just enjoy life and hobbies, not caring about what others think.

As I mentioned above, I spent almost two hours inside there! I was pretty amazed myself. Probably because I was really engrossed in taking picture, hehe. It really helped calm my soul, I feel :-) I'm glad I made the decision to move my lazy butt and go out.

After that, I went home and dearest mum bought delicious biryani rice with lamb! I read some pages of a BBC Knowledge magazine before starting to edit the pictures I had taken for the day. I fell asleep halfway but woke up at 3am to watch the Argentina and Holland match. After knowing that there would be a free screening of the event with cute, comfy soccer ball seats at Novena, I wanted to go! I really hoped that the place would be empty but to my surprise all the seats had already been taken up and the other areas on the floor were slowly filling up as well. :-( Sitting on the floor for the first half was really painful, plus the boring game did not making it better. However, it was still a great experience nonetheless to watch a football match amongst strangers, hearing them shout and cheer for the teams they supported.

At half time I went home to watch the remaining game on TV, and still the score stayed at 0-0. It was such a stark contrast to Germany's crazy win the day before. Being too tired, I went to bed and woke up to find out Argentina won in the penalty round against Holland! Glad for Argentina and I really can't wait for the Finals :-) Just praying it will not end up like this game, haha!