Saturday, 26 July 2014

SAJC Sports Carnival 2014


Last Sports Carnival in SAJC! It was really fun, though :-) The JC1s ran their 10x200m race (I think) and Gomes came in first place. We all thought Romanis had a chance to win because they had a good start but it is okay, we still love you guys!

After that, the JC2s and JC1s came together for an inter-house captain's ball competition. Because 13A06 is pretty small, we paired up with 13A07 :-) We did not have a really good start, having lost the first two matches (5-11, 6-8) but we kept hope seeing that our score had improved. Eventually, we did win the remaining two matches with the last match of a score of 6-0!! Good end to the event, not forgetting the prize wining ceremony. Our class did not manage to win anything but I still enjoyed playing with them. Hehe, I loved our mini camwhoring + lepaking session in between our matches ^_^ The school even brought in Ikea hotdogs and other munchies like fishball sticks and chicken nuggets, yummy~

Part of 13A06 (plus Chek) went out for lunch at Saizeriya at Farrer Park. It was a good meal and I was happy Chek was there with me :-) I love how he can feel comfortable around my friends, even Marianne said she sees him as part of our class :') I wish I could say the same for his friends and me :-(

Anyway, I am glad that I enjoyed myself so much during this year's Sports Carnival - acting stupid and laughing a lot with my class, playing hard for my class, watching Mr Peh play volleyball, and dancing our SAJC "Shake It"!