Monday, 30 March 2015

Best date (person) ♥♥

 It was one of those days where you had no clue what to do with your life - Chek and I could not decide on what to eat for dinner so we somehow ended up at EwF haha!

 These chicken sides are really the bomb!!! Yum yum~

 Tried the "Slider" for the first time: it's pretty salty but enjoyable! The cheese blends the flavours together really nicely.

 Warm Nutella Pie slice thing which is just heavenly - I was pretty full from my main but it was too good to let it go to waste >_< Now I know why everyone craves for this!

Our main goal of going to Town was to buy stuff at Centrepoint since many department stores were having a closing down sale. However, we did not buy anything from Metro / Marks & Spencer's :< Sad sad but a real great night nonetheless ^_^ yay!!!