Friday, 13 March 2015


So, I am at work now but I just feel like blogging? Hehe.

Lots of events (unrelated to myself though) have happened in this week: operations, separations, break ups, betrayal, etc.

Guess it just got me wondering about the vulnerability of change in this world. Lots of things just happen without any warning. This is something that's been making me rather confused and unsure of myself. The big question is: do you make the effort to protect what you have now or do you go with the flow and accept life as it comes?

Is change good or is it bad? I am confused as to when I have to decided to leave or stay / put in the effort or just say "fuck it".

The future seems really scary to me now - seeing that such drastic changes can occur to the people around me. Like, what if my close friends leave for overseas // what if my relationships don't work out the way I want them too / / what if I change and become someone different ? ? ?

On the same note, University scares me too because it's like a whole new chapter of my life. It seems so adult-ish and everyone I spoke to at University Fairs seem to know exactly what they / know their shit basically. I cannot imagine myself being so confident in a life decision I've made.

And it seems like everyone after JC/Poly has this responsibility and pressure thrusted onto them, whether they are ready or not.

I'm happy with my current life - work, dance, relationship and family wise - but these pending problems worry me because my future is involved. y i k e s .