Sunday, 22 March 2015

Triple Chin Power: Sunday Breakfast Adventures

 Papa Chin - y u no want to take a nice picture with your beautyfoo daughter??

 Finally the original poser of the Triple Chin Power team decides to grace us with proper eye contact and a normal face.

 Papa Chin's face is like, "I am so pained, is this my daughter, or is this a mushroom? c0nfUsed?"

 Our leader decided to walk over to Jalan Besar to see if Beancurd City's other outlet was still open. Has it shut down for good?? Its Short Street outlet has closed down :-(

Saw that mannequin on the ledge and got the shock of my life - I honestly thought a man was standing up there! However, Papa Chin says the mannequin has been there even before we were born. So peace to that.

 Cute cute and just cute!! She looks younger than me???

Found the perfect hut size for me and my future small family hehe.

 Such peaceful yet colourful scenery I was graced with this morning :-)


They look the same hehehehe