Monday, 3 August 2015

Hall 2 FOC 2015: CAMP VAM BAM

The night Pearly and I arrived!! Sad that we did not help make the OG flag :-( Still glad that everyone took us in pretty fast ^_^

BEACH DAY: Qin Ta and his belly hahaha!

The seniors are too nice - ice cream, Gong Cha - WELFARE TOO UPZ!! 

HAHAHA, this picture needs no caption.  

Jyrah's cheer showcase - messed up or not, I felt the high when we were up there together!
(Please take note of Hilmi, Zhe Kai and Shiyi in this picture omg) 


- Pearly Pearly -

NTU Amazing Race! Pearly and I being awkward beans with NO CAMP SHIRT SOBS :-( 

Chalet time // sleepy time 

SP Day! Won't ever forget how we went for our movie date in a group of 18 HAHAHA! Furthermore, we fell asleep for more than half the movie hahaha.  

Yacht Club @ Changi! Beautiful sky for a beautiful night :-)

AMAZING RACE DAY // Final Camp Day 

Thank you Jyrah freshies and seniors for making the 7 day camp so amazingly crazy and fun. It's the small details that made it so great so thank you, every single one of you :-) I do not know how one week could fly by so quickly. This is a great start to uni life, and I do not regret my decision for joining VAM BAM 2015!!