Sunday, 29 January 2017

Dec / Jan - Dance Milestones


First time in a very very long time that I took an international masterclass! The class before Chris Martin's was actually insanely demoralizing but still inspirational to watch other kill the choreo. Come the second workshop, I was really relaxed and enjoying myself. Looking back, I remember the laughing moments and feeling of togetherness with strangers (because I got separated from my friends but it's cool hehe) more on first thought. Guess I can tick this off my bucket list but the growth always continues! :-)

- Pre-HOCC Hall Dance - 

I would say Sem 1 by itself was quite exhausting having to juggle comm, hall dance and studies while adjusting back to school life after our 3 month long break. However, whenever I think back about my past half a year, I never fail to convince myself that if I had to redo everything, I would have made the same exact choices to commit myself to whatever I am involved in now. For all the people I have gotten to know to all the very fond memories I made - all the later nights and struggles just disappear from my mind. HAHA It may just be me being delusional but seeing my hall dancers now make me extremely proud and fulfilled.

- MJ -

 Many events, small or big, have gone by and we are entering the more concrete planning stage for DTT! Up till now I still feel like life in this realm of creative production seems like an illusion, probably because I have no experience in organizing and holding a dance concert. I really hope to be able to be a part in making this wonderful event a success! ^_^

The sem and its many unplanned events and memories have made MJ so enjoyable for me, I hope it is the same for everyone else! :-) Even with HO and schoolwork, dancing with friends has really become a source of stress reliever for me :-))


On the same not of unexpected events, this was a real mind-blower for me. I still 100% feel that our placing was not worthy because in the world of freestyle we are really nobody LOL. However, I really see this as a milestone in growth and I sense improvement for myself compared to our last battle. XT and I know ourselves what our goals for HH/dance/battle are and that is why I am and forever will be thankful I got to meet her through MJ. It's not easy to meet someone whom you can easily talk to/joke around with/have serious talks to and have the same frequency. Pugo Frenchie friends who hope to keep dancing for lyfe ^_^ 

- Bionic Hall Dance -

Counting down about 27 days to HOCC! Worried? Yes. Hopeful? Yes. I still believe that it is always the people who make a team, and this year I feel extremely blessed to have such devoted, encouraging and positive dancers. Heart > talent is the way to go. We lost many people along the way and that's what makes this group even more special - seeing their own friends leave and staying showed that their heart was bigger to be better and that there is a passion for this art. Seeing their improvement and struggles to improve is really one of the biggest motivations for me to want to do better for their sake. Placing doesn't matter because I know we will rock the stage and show everyone the fire within us. This has really got to be Step & Deo's care & concern they have given us, nurturing a really awesome team :--) For now, time to enjoy our little CNY break. HUAT AH!a