Saturday, 9 August 2014

Singapore: National Day 2014

8 August

The J1 House Council was in charge of holding the J2's National Day Celebrations. I honour their effort but I do not think the activities were appreciated by most of the J2 batch. Nonetheless, here's a re-cap of how the day went down! :-)

The cohort was split into two groups - Group A and Group B. 13A06 was in Group A. We started out with CC games, which was to answer trivia questions regarding Singapore's past. The Romanis batch was rather angry/agitated/frustrated because the questions were answered based on who could run and grab their house flags first, and the house councillor on stage did not look our direction (almost all the time). We sounded like a bunch of hooligans and uncivilised people to be honest, shouting and screaming. Probably because we have a lot of girls, hehe. It was not a very pleasant experience, but my classmates and I laughed it off through frustration.

The second segment of the celebrations was station games at the school field. My class only managed to play one game - Virus - where we paired up and ran around the field to catch others. I realise that the concept for this year's celebrations is childhood of Singaporean children, enjoying the simple things. I think the event would have been more successful if everything had been a bit more organised :-)

Lastly, everyone went back to the CC for a finale video and a sing-a-long session. I initially thought the video was going to be showcasing students expressing their appreciation for Singapore, because two weeks back I was interviewed for this reason. However, the video turned out to be a photo montage, which was created while we were playing the games, of the J2 cohort engaging in the prepared activities. It was really less than my expectation, if I even had any expectation. To keep this on a positive note, I think this event will show to the councillors that they have a lot of room to continue improving :-)

Oh! I also helped Cheryl take photos of her new Nike Roshe Run. Nothing was coming out the way we hoped it would but when we tried again after consultation, I think we succeeded :-) We lacked a cool background which was a key factor for all the shoe 'jump' shots Cheryl showed me. However, we made do with what we had and I think the beautiful lighting was our advantage to making it work!

9 August

Nakhon Kitchen @ Serangoon

#01-341, 212 Hougang Street 21

Opening Hours:
Daily: 12pm - 3pm // 5:30pm - 10pm


Queueing: Never ending, hehehe

:-) I am glad I made the decision to go out and eat! Super fun time hanging with my cool gang aka a bunch of girls with one ahma hahaha! Different but fun way to spend national day, and I wore red!