Wednesday, 6 August 2014

"Be so busy loving your life that you don't have time for hate or regret"

Tough week it's been and tomorrow's the longest day of it. Press on, press on! Just been feeling more stressed these days, which in turn has taken a toll on my motivation level to study. I've just been wanting to skip school and study at home because I see no point in going to school now. However, another part of me knows that I have to go to school because 1. I don't have a good excuse and 2. there's good practices available during lessons which are useful for me.

I find it really quite frustrating yet amusing how life never wants to make anything easy for you. I realise when I am satisfied and content in one area, other issues pop up and make life a little less happier. I know life is never smooth sailing but why create displeasure for those already in quite some distress? Trying to fight between my arguments for this unfair stage in life and how I should trust in God and know that this is all part of life's test to make me a stronger person. Such words of wisdom are so easy to be spoken/typed/advised, but never as simple to carry out and truly believe in.

Furthermore, I have not fully resolved some of my emotional issues because I have not had the time to do so. So, that's a bummer.

I do not want to end this post on a bad note, though! Today, I experienced exponential happiness as I was feeling horrid in the morning but managed to drag myself to school and learn to enjoy the rest of the day :-) I would say it was productive, and I treated myself to good food - waffles (as advised by Amanda).

A quote which always comes back to me is the one which reminds me that God only gives you tasks which you can handle because he believes in you. So you must trust in whatever plan he has for you, and more importantly trust in yourself to be able to withstand whatever thunderstorm that lies in your way.

To explain the dead dragonfly picture, that was taken when Chek and I were studying at Starbucks on Monday :-) We were about to leave when Chek spotted the carcass and I thought it was really pretty so I took some pictures of it, hehe. They turned out creepily beautiful ^_^ Glad I have a happy pill like him to brighten my days, even when I may not see him. Please stay the way you are, having that special something about you that can make the dark days bright again.